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Sprite Dump of the Gods

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Very few of these are actually my sprites, most of them are a collection from various sources, Bay-12, /TG/, Paradise, etc. I claim credit on few of these, though I can't remember the artist for most of them. Look back regularly, I will update as I get less lazy.



Armored Helmets as Follows:

Firefighter Helmet v1, Firefighter Helmet v2, Riot helmet(sec), Riot Helmet(Warden), Rio Helmet(HoS),Sec Helmet, Sec helmet NVG, Sec Helmet Masons, Sec Helmet Thermals, Sec helmet goggles, Sec helmet glasses, SWAT helmet, Necromancer Helmet



Unarmored Helmets as Follows:

Fedora1, Trilby,Fedora2,Knitted hat, Fedora 3, HoP Cap, Captain Cap, Red Cap, Slouch Hat, Green Beret, Red Beret, Red Beret Sec, Centcom Beret1, Centcom Beret2, Centcom Beret3, Warden Cap, Xander's Beret.



Masks as Follows:

Gasmask Variant, Gasmask Variant pulled up, Scarf.



Belts as Follows:

Sec Belt Empty, Sec Belt silenced pistol, Sec Belt silver deagle, Sec Belt silence pistol 1, Sec Belt detective revolover, Sec Belt revolver, Sec Belt mateba, Sec Belt gold deagle, Sec Belt stun revolver, Sec Belt camo deagle, Sec Belt M1911, Sec Belt Gold Detective, Sec Belt Gyrojet, Sec Belt Pistol, Sec Belt Taser, Sec Belt Shotgun sawed off, Sec Belt Baton,



Boots as follows:

Leather Boots, Work boots, Syndie magboots, cold-weather boots.



Socks, Self explanatory.



Space-suits, as follows:

Sec Helmet, sec helmet light, engi helmet, engi helmet light, atmos helmet, atmos helmet light, mining helmet, mining helmet light, space helmet, deathsquad helmet, Engi suit, atmos suit, mining suit, deathsquad suit, space-suit, sec suit, Sec helmet v2. Sec suitv2, Sec helmet v3, sec suit v3, syndie helmet, syndie suit, unathi engi suit, unathi engi helmet, Syndie assassin suit, syndie assassin helmet, White spacesuit, white spacesuit helmet, sec suit v4, sec helmet v4, science hardsuit helmet, science hardsuit.



Armor as follows,

Armor vest, Captain's vest, damaged vest, riot suit, tactical suit, blue ERT suit, Green ERT suit, Red ERT suit, yellow ERT suit, white ERT suit, Armor vest v2, ERT vest Sec (Bay), ERT vest, Command(Bay), ERT vest Medical(Bay), ERT vest Engi (Bay), Warden coat, Necromancer coat.



Coats as follows:

Blue Det Coat, Gold Det coat, Grey det coat, Leather coat, Soviet HoS coat, Bomber jacket, Red Hazmat, Orange hazmat, Yellow hazmat, green hazmat, white hazmat, purple hazmat, bomb suit, bomb suit sec, bomb suit v2, ERT coat, ERT cold-weather jacket, Firesuit, Coat, Green-grey coat, CMO labcoat, Military Jacket, EMT jacket, Priest robes, HOS dress jacket, Dress jacket, Wehrmacht Coat, trench coat, CMO Hazmat, Sec hazmat, Janitor hazmat, Viro hazmat, Firesuit v2, Atmos firesuit, Trenchcoat v2.



Jumpsuits/etc as follows:

Vest/tie Blue, Vest/tie Gold, Vest/tie Black, Wedding tux, Vest/tie Black v2, Green dress, CE turtleneck, Wedding dress, Teal dress, Nurse Dress, Blue dress, Formal skirt w/stockings, dress suit, shirt/tie, yellow dress, red dress, dress uniform, Mandate suit, Black wedding dress, Hydro suit, Alt librarian suit, casual captain suit, vest/orange tie, wedding dress v2, wedding dress, v3, wedding dress v4, wedding dress v5, wedding dress v6, camo uniform, fatigures, red camo, suit, blue tie, 3 button blue, 6 button blue, Red tie, 3 button red, 6 button red, black suit, blue suit, red suit, grey suit, cream suit, HoP formal, Captain formal, Jeans/shirt, Army uniform, NT work suit, old Centcom, Old Centcom 2, New Oranje army, ERT, Captain Male dress, HoS female dress, Security Dress, HoS male dress, Black dress, Green dress, Female captain dress, Detective dress, HoS dress alternative, overalls, overalls v2, EMT uniform, Turtlenech psych, Psych jumpsuit, Red warden white shirt, Red HoS white shirt, CE formal, HoS formal, Captain formal , Sec dred, Warden dred, HoS dred, Tactical jumpsuit, Tech suit, Psych turtleneck (again for some reason) HoS, Officer, Warden, Engineering, Atmos, ERT(Various ranks), Pink dress, Brown dress, green dress v2, Purple Dress, black dress v2, White dress, EDF jumpsuit, Yet another suit, yet another suit without a tie, yet another vest, white suit, ERT uniform (bay), Work overalls.



Removable Underwear, Self explanatory.



Winter Coats:

Captain's coat, cargo coat, Engi coat, Atmso Coat, Assistant coat, Hydro coat, Medical Coat, Mining coat, Science coat, Sec coat



Duffle bags, Self explanatory.




Computers: I'm not even going to try.



Construction process



Robot Transformations






Random Power related machinery.



Medical Stuff



Misc Machinery



Lighting stuff






Mobile Nuke



New Xenoarch Sprites



Bar Signs

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