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Fax received sound for DO's

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Similar to the BWOINK sound admins/mods get for when an ahelp is received. There are times where I'm multi tasking, with aurora open on the lobby for the intent of handling DO faxes that come in, but I tend to miss said DO faxes because I don't immediately know when they arrive, and they might have gotten lost in a sea of OOC, or when I remember to check, it's no longer relevant. There's also been occasions where I'm observing or in game doing something, and I missed the DO fax message because I'm filtering out bluetext (OOC) for the time being focused on something else in game.

A sound that indicates a fax was received by central would help out alot; Probably with a verb include to let people mute/unmute that alert sound in particular for those that of us that don't want to hear it.

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