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Player Complaint: Vinny Allen + Maint Drone

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BYOND Key: cassy_jenelle

Player Byond Key: Not sure. The character's name was Vinny Allen, he had a maintenance drone with him. (Not sure of the drone's number, might be in logs)

Staff involved: Wasn't ahelped, I was multitasking at that time.

Reason for complaint: metagaming, spam

Approximate Date/Time: 30th May 2015, 1:56am GMT time.

So it's a ling round, this guy gets arrested for assault and the regular (I don't believe he was a ling), yada yada. And uh, so one of the officers put him in perma due to stuff that happens after. So next thing you know I walk past him in the hallways and it seems he has escaped or been let out.

Turns out the maintenance drone let him out, and was his "pet". So yeah, I'm sure maintenance drones aren't supposed to do that. I would also have posted the several pages long window knock spam he was doing in medbay but my screenshot tool was acting up.

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