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Gas Turbine


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Sooooo. I finally got a chance to play with the gas turbine. xD I was going to try and do it IC yesterday, but ran out of time. So I did it in DM today and then local hosted.




Obviously didn't optimise it anything like that, and alot of things were borked because of the compile and some other silly things, but meh. I still got it running. :D

Obviously, if I was going to push for this to be an addition to the engine test facility, there is probably a few more things I would look to do. For example pumps on the cooling loop to stop flow to actually allow the mix to cool, amongst just a few things.

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So the basic principle of this is fill the room with lots of pressure and it generates power? Would this make sense in our lore, I mean, we have the technology to create, contain and harvest a black hole like its nothing, a gas turbine seems kind of... Middle age-y in comparison, like comparing coal engines to a nuclear plant.

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It's not a suggestion, it's just something I was playing with, note it's in the general forums.

No. Within SS13 (and real life at this stage) you take normal pressure air, it goes through the compressor to build pressure, (RL it would be internally combusted, in SS13 it's already burn mix) it them drives a turbine, which generates electrical power.

I would imagine they would probably still be used as small scale power sources, (much like they are bing introduced for in reality.

And in the currently being drafted for suggestion, ship lore they are being listed as an option for power plant. (Power generation, not propulsion)

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