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[Denied] Rebecca McGrath's work gloves

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Byond Key: Draculabot

Character name: Rebecca McGrath

Item name: Rebecca's Insulated Work Gloves

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

They're work gloves, and she doesn't like the NanoTrasen standard gloves, so she bought her own.

Item function(s): Protecting her fingers.

Item description:

Rebecca has black work gloves, that are insulated to protect her from shocks.

Item appearance:


Black gloves, with some faint accents.

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If I can give you a really quick pointer, custom items that exist solely (or mostly) as cosmetic modifications aren't allowed. If you want something solely because you think it'd look cool, you're free to suggest it as alternate/new equipment for everybody to use (though I don't think we'd add a new pair of differently-colored gloves, simply because they're an important item for game mechanics and need to be recognizable.

Otherwise, your best bet is to come up with a backstory for your items. Sentimental value, some sort of function, anything of the sort. Looking at accepted custom item apps might provide some useful inspiration.

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