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[Denied] Rebecca McGrath's PDA

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BYOND Key: Draculabot

Character name: Rebecca McGrath

Item name: Rebecca's PDA

Why is your character carrying said item to work? To keep her hands free for work, and due to her constant need to communicate, Rebecca has created a rig for her forearm and completely deconstructed and remade her own PDA, in order to keep her hands available faster than keeping her PDA as a handheld item. It's also a testament to her ingenuity and creativity.


Item function(s): The item functions as a wrist-mounted computer attached to one of her insulated work gloves, and fits within the glove inventory space, as well as a reskin for her PDA.

Item description: Rebecca's modified PDA provides a stabilized brace for her PDA, which is attached to her glove on her left forearm. The PDA has been been systematically rebuilt from the ground up, with a flexible hardened screen and various touchscreen items, and has been modified to operate within landscape mode, rather than portrait. With a few touches of her fingers, the PDA can activate a halogen scanner, atmospheric information, or send a text to a fellow coworker.

Item appearance: oled-wrist-display.jpg


The wrist unit attaches to her forearm and clips into her glove, with a magnetic clasp that ties it to the underside of her arm. The screen has various readouts about her work, and an onboard messaging service that taps into the messenger server on the Aurora. It also has a pen slot, along with a slot her her ID.


Additional comments:

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I don't really see how that adds any depth to your character - while it has a bit more narration to it than the workgloves, essentially, it still has no other use (doesn't really feel like the correct word, I hope you see what I mean) than adding some swag to Rebecca.

If I may make one more point, it is not necessary to have a custom item. Vast majority of characters do just fine without them.

I don't mean to discourage you from applying for one, no; but right now, I get the impression that you really want to have a custom item and spend a lot of energy trying to come up with a suitable one. Rather, sit back, have a couple of games, and who knows - something might happen that will develop your character's story and leave you with something that would be great to carry around as a reminder of that event. Or something like that. Don't try too hard.


Like the vulgar but oh-so-lovely saying goes; if you have to push it, it's probably shit. No offence intended, I just love the sound of it.

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