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Niklaus Nox and Emma Godswood

Guest XanderDox

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Since there has been a recent onslaught against my 'cowardly' characters. I'll be listing short biographies here for my two, main characters ever.

Niklaus Ryan Nox (Petrevaire, Mason, Mason-Nox, Lux)

Niklaus, most often called Nik, or Klaus, or Lux (for some reason this name has stuck more than others) is 36, he's served as a Captain for three years now, and beforehand served in Internal Affairs for three years, and before that, entered NanoTrasen through the Internal Security Department.

His father is the owner of Nox Mining Incorporated, a subsidiary of NanoTrasen that runs mining operations on Mars and in the Sol Asteroid Belt. This is where his illusion of wealth comes from, although he really just lives off allowance from his father still. He is however, the heir to the company and will one day inherit his father's wealth.

Niklaus is also a member of the Orchid Society, a closed group of wealthy, intelligent or bureaucratically powerful people who attempt to pull government and corporate strings to their wishes from behind the scenes, he serves as the second of his family, beneath his father who is Head of House.

On station, Niklaus cares a great deal about his crew, enough to die for most of them if necessary, and he has, multiple times. Case one, he died warning Esmee Scott, his assistant and now dear friend to stay away from where he was because a traitor had pulled a revolver, and she was about to return to the room. He led an assault against three cultists in a maintenance shaft with his Warden at the time (Victor Kaipov) because they were attacking civilians and the Head of Security had been KIA, he later almost succumbed to his wounds, but was able to rally a majority of non-hostile, non-security crew in the Bridge for safety. Lets not forget the time he led the effort with his Head of Security to run a funeral for a fallen officer. Oh, and the time he won 500 thousand credit in the lottery, and then gave 100 thousand away to the Bartender because they're backstory was a ghetto character living paycheck to paycheck.

Alexandria 'Emma' Petrova Marquisa Orlay Godswood (Emma Godswood)

Alexandria Godswood, know in game as Emma, or frequently referred to as Godswood, or Gots Wood, was a multi-millionaire (a total sum of 47 million credits at the peak of her wealth) heiress from Biesel who sought nothing more than to have a normal life. She was 40 something, and had served as a Captain since she was 33, having been an Investigator for the Biesel Fed's prior to that.

Off station, Emma has inherited her wealth from her parents, who's family lines trace back to British Earth nobility. Her parents were Xenoarchaelogists, and had made their money by inheritance, investment and selling artefacts. She later received her parent's estate in their will, as well as all the wealth of their family name, although she preferred to stay in her loft in Mendell City. She was a member of PETOS, constantly donated to charities, and was a philanthropist . She also served as the de-facto leader of the Orchid Society, up until her death.

On station, Emma was an authoritative, stylish Captain, who always sought to help her crew. She never, EVER flaunted the fact that she had money unless it came down to offering large sums to antagonists in exchange for her station or staffs safety. On more than one occasion, she had to be the mother of the crew. One occasion, after an altercation between a human Cadet, and a Unathi Officer, she escorted the Cadet to the Library and printed him out a book on Unathi culture and the like, to explain why the way the Cadet had referred to the Uneth was wrong, and why it caused conflict, this led to the Cadet apologizing and amends being made.

Then, we have her securing the crew in the science department during a Nuke Op raid, cue Nuke Ops rushing down from the Chapel towards the science door as the last of her personnel are entering. Being the Captain, she stepped forward side-by-side with her Warden, and stood ground against the Nuke Ops, pushing them back into the Chapel and securing the crew's lives.

And who can forget the Alien Infestation of '56. The Alien Queen had proved a formidable foe, all living crew were evacuating back into science, the lockdown only holding the aliens back temporarily, she managed to secure everyone into the telescience teleporter area and close the blast doors, just as Alien Hunters flooded the room, quickly taking down her Gygax-guard, and herself.

And who can forget all the times she chastised Roy for being a childish brat?

All in all, I feel like a lot of people actually miss the good things my characters do, and seem to hold the negative and blow them out of proportion.

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I'm going to agree with Nanotoxin here.

As far as I know, you don't have any characters that aren't space aristocrats with build-in self-entitlement issues that think that they should always get their way and clearly do not understand how the rest of the world operates. As characters, they themselves aren't wonderful leaders, because of their general inexperience or lack of talent in leadership roles. They create more problems than they do resolve them.

They get into petty vendettas with other crew members, and it's ridiculous that I had to be present one time to break up a feud with another crew member because the neither of you were willing to compromise or admit one of you were wrong. It ended up with a punch being doled out, and I decided to sentence one of you with battery out of pity and the other for trespassing because they provoked it. Still doesn't mean you were right.

Hell, I found it rather ironic and hypocritical to their own character that Emma would give Roy a shiner. I was under the impression she wasn't violent at all. It made no sense to me that occurred.

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I feel it's super bad for roleplay to have the same character but with different names. There's no variety coming from Xander, and based on his work on the lore team, I know he's more than creatively capable of making a new character.

I don't know, I know that everyone can be better at roleplaying, and I know I'm not perfect either, but I feel like Xander has a lot of potential and would be peachy to see an original character idea.

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Then perhaps give him something a little more constructive than the inane comments that you've presented it on this thread. You know, approach him like a normal person and tell him you'd want to see him try something different? But even then it's not your entitlement or obligation to give him that either, nobody needs to reach some ambiguous standard to satisfy someone else. If he asks for the feedback or critique, give it to him, if he doesn't then you should probably lay off.

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If he acknowledged that all his characters were the same, then perhaps, maybe, I'd be able to give more than inane comments. But as it stands, Xander is very adamant that these characters aren't the same, despite a collection of players clearly seeing other wise, who have stated that they'd like to see him try something different as well. I was stating that Xander is a creative person, and can do much better than what he is doing. He should be able to make up an original character without others constructive comments. If not I don't see why he would've been put on the lore team in the first place.

I also think it's a tad ludicrous that you think the way Xander plays his characters would satisfy me. Xander may play them how he likes, in fact, dictating the way's other roleplays is something I truly despise. He made this thread because people were saying that his characters were almost the exact same personality wise, so I assume this thread would warrant at least a little feedback.

But I digress. I'm not here to argue with you. I was stating that the backstories to Xander's characters didn't change that he played them the same. I'm not really bothered by this, but honestly, it's just something you'd expect on anything but a high RP server.

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It's not that making aristocrats are bad, people wrack on him, because xander's characters are snobby aristocrats.


Snobby... Uhm... What? Emma rarely if ever mentions she's even rich... And Niklaus doesn't that often... And he frequently helps out civilian staff and stops to chat with them, preferring them over command and other big dept staff.

Have you interacted with my characters for more than 10 minutes ICly before? I'm very curious about how many of those complaining have ACTUALLY been in a situation with me. People like Nightmare and Callum, who have had extended talks with my IC love my characters.

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You don't need to flash money to be snobby, that's showing off and gloating.



a term used to describe a person who thinks they're better than everybody else because of: money, fitness, looks, or intelligence. a term often used during conversations about rich people or celebrities

and sometimes, I do see Emma act like that if she doesn't know the person or doesn't RP with them often.

A memory of this is when she came back after being killed (if that's what happened, I have lost track)

Someone walked up to her and mentions she looks familiar, she turns to them and says 'If I look familar its probably because my face is plastered all over the news... Has been for months apparently' as if she expected everyone to watch and track the news.

(granted that is one situation out of +3000 she has had on station(not saying that all have been that way))

I can't really speak for Niklaus because I haven't really seen or interacted with him at all.

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i was the one that asked that, and i think i have a unique enough perspective on this and i'd like to share it. Simply put, Xander plays his characters the way he likes them. There's not a lot of diversity on the surface because they are all rich, all important, and all are kind of snobs. what i mean by that is that all of them commit some relatively snobby things in order to get a feeling of importance and them being significant across. And i myself don't really know a way to get that across without the snobby feeling, but i think captain Elena is a good example of it being done right. Xander's characters lack the gravitas that she does. Xander's characters all have to tell people they are in power, and then punish them if they don't take it seriously. Elena was chosen for example because she comes across as being important and respected without ever having the need to say so to people. For example i remember recently i think one of Xander's characters tried to demote someone for walking away from him as HoS, and let's not forget commander faggot, which was all sparked by a lack of respect and Niklaus demoting/brigging half the security force.

This and telling people that they're above them is a trait shared by multiple characters Xander has. It's not a matter of how much they differ in their backgrounds but in the way they act. And i think the more common traits are exposed more often then whatever Xander is doing differently with the characters. Like making Emma good and Niklaus a coward, and so on (particualrly when it contradicts itself like when Niklaus, who is supposed to be a coward HoS, does really heroic deeds and also is very proactive in punishing his subordinates). My experiances with Emma as James have been nothing but her being a dick, the only reason why i am getting good RP out of it is because my character has a thing for that. but i mean, first thing that happens when i see Emma is she tells me she's all over the news,Then questions why i'm younger then corporate ruling states. Then invites over another employee later and asks them why they're so young, shoo'ing a fellow agent away as I whisper words of encouragment into the poor young employee's ears. The next time we're together she goes behind my back and pages CC about my age, getting a response that she's in charge of me until they review my credentials. When they tell her i'm cleared as an entry-level IAA she says ""Be sure to consult me during your investigations, since you are an Entry-Level Agent". She goes on to lecture me about how to organise stuff in the office and wonder at how amazingly unorganized James is, who granted, is rarely inside the office at all. THEN when Roy gets inside the office by pushing me aside she clocks him in the face and gets arrested (there was a reason for this, that i didn't question further into though), despite me wanting to avoid any arrests happening, by insisting they both go to jail.

this by no measure made me see Emma as being "nice", quite the opposite, it made me think she's a complete power hungry bitch, which is also why she provided good RP for my submissive, chaotic IAA. So while i'm not saying it's all that bad, it's still true that his characters are kind of played the same way despite the backgrounds being as they are.

To summerize, Xander's characters come across as they do because Xander wants them to be important, and if Xander is really offended by people finding them similar, then his further characters don't even need to be poor, or not aristocrats, the only thing that would need to change for them to be regarded differently is a less in-your-face imposing important person attitude

oh, and regarding that statment "i'm all over the news", it was kind of justified seeing as i should have known her because Niklaus previously talked about her/showed me the video while working with me as IAA, so i don't blame him in the slightest

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