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Player Complaint - Andrewroo

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BYOND Key: SierraKomodo

Player Byond Key: Andrewroo - Andrew Coetzee

Staff involved: Ryfer (Provided information only)

Reason for complaint: I arrived about 3:30 into an extended round as an atmos tech, to find every single valve and vent were open, and the pipes were filled with plasma, N2O, and CO2. There was only a single valve keeping this mixture of gasses from ending up in the distribution loop. As I'm writing this, I'm currently purging all of this crap from the pipes so atmos can be somewhat usable again. I ahelped to find out what caused this, and I've been told it was the /Chief Engineer/ (Andrewroo) on duty, who you'd think should know better than to muck around with atmos like this.

Approximate Date/Time: Exact time unknown, discovered at 1:25 AM PST

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Wait... so a complaint has actually been put up... without you being originally involved in what happened... only knowing the name of the person who "did" it, without any idea of their intent or what might have caused this to happen.

Hoooo leeee shit. Is this really the community we have turned in to.

(Please note this is voiced AS A PLAYER not in my capacity as a member of either staff group.)

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