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[Closed] 6/12/2457 Tina Kaekel and Daniel Morphos

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Reporting Personnel: Ludwick Foreal

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Medical Doctor

Personnel Involved: TIna Kaekel, Daniel Morphos, Harold Kepperson

Time of Incident: around 0430

Location of Incident: Medbay surgery room

Nature of Incident: [x]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment [x]Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: I brought in the xenobiologist Harold Kepperson into medbay after i noticed he was taking high toxin damage and picking him up from science. After stabilizing him with cryo and anti-toxin i scanned him and found out that he had done damage to his liver somehow. Such damage is of course a simply fix with surgery and i placed him on the bed and headed for the surgery ward. I notice i am being followed by Daniel Morphos who is a surgeon on staff and after i turn on the surgery holosign to the ward he still enters in. I ask him to leave as i am obviously in the middle of treating a patient. Instead of simply leaving and allowing me to perform the operation quickly he tells me that since he holds the title of surgery and i a mere medical doctor i am not qualified to perform an operation i had done at least a thousand times in over twenty years of medical practice. I tell him that we are not having this conversation now as mr kepperson is at this point still conscious and in a great deal of pain from his liver damage. Daniel morphos instead insists we are having this conversation now and tells me instead to leave. we degenerate into shouting a bit at each other which i admit my temper at this point was boiling. Mr. kepperson even while in pain attempts to facilitate and tells us he would much rather have me, ludwick foreal perform the surgery. I instead decide that the patient is much more important than a petty argument and turn on his anesthesia. When he was out and with Mr. morphos still yelling at me i ignore him and begin the operation. While i am creating the incision on mr. kepperson, the surgeon attempts to knock the scalpel out of my hand and pushes me around, i am knocked to the ground and frantically scramble for a hemostat to stop the bleeding of the patient but mr. morphos /continues/ to push me around. It was at this point the CMO Tina Kaekel comes in shouting at us both and telling me i should have apparently just let Mr. morphos do the surgery.

I admit at this point i was so beyond irritated at mr. Morphus i may have acted irrationally, she orders both of us out, opening the door once more and breaking the sterile area and says SHE will do the surgery now. I tell her to leave so yes i suppose i disobeyed a direct order from a head but all i cared about at that point was my patient whose surgery has been interrupted twice now by outside forces, I was then flashed by the CMO and forcibly thrown out. I believe the CMO then attempted to have security arrest me or something but i am not sure as i immediately left to blow off steam in the dorms and fell asleep. i understand the surgeon is a dedicated position however there are some medical doctors such as me that are also qualified surgeons, Perhaps it would have been easier to simply hand him off to Mr. morphos in the first place but honestly i didnt even think of it at the time and complicating treatment of a patient by having multiple people handling him, especially when we werent busy is just absurd.



Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I did not, had i been thinking rationally i might have sent a message to terrence frank at the time, i apologize.

Additional notes: Look, quite frankly i think all of us acted badly in this situation, and a petty argument quickly escalated into something awful. I am not one who likes to hold grudges or let things like this fester relationships, both these individuals are no doubt skilled medical professionals and im making this report to attempt to reach some mutual closure on it.

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Evidence gathered during the investigation has found:

  • Both Dr Morphos & Dr Foreal were wearing a full set of scrubs, sterile mask, sterile gloves, and a lab coat. Dr Kaekel was wearing standard CMO gear including the lab coat. As well as sterile gloves, and purportedly a sterile mask. However she lacked any scrubs for her head. All three personnel have been warned on their dress within the theatre.
  • Dr Kaekel had given orders prior to the incident on division of labour that would have meant Dr Morphos would have indeed supposed to have operated on the patient. Dr Foreal violated these orders, as he has admitted that he struggles to have multiple personnel work on on patient unless absolutely necessary. At current recommendations for team development and understanding of division of labour, regardless of skill set is important.
  • Dr Kaekel, Handled the situation less than the best course, but acted in the interests of the patient first, who at the time was open on the operation table without clamped bleeders on the table. She has been reprimanded for her state of dress, but no charge on her actions will be taken at this time.
  • Dr Morphos has given false testimony on events and state of affairs. As such we cannot list the majority of his interview as accurate. We have been able to confirm as an instigator of the assault, whilst still possessing possible infection vectors for the open patient. Dr Morphos forcefully removed the scalpel from Dr Foreal just after the first incision was made. At this point the patient had made a request that Dr Foreal conduct the operation as they were in pain. As such Dr Morphos has been found to have endangered the patient, and gone against their wishes.

We will not be laying any formal charges due to this incident. But we highly recommended that you reflect on the action taken by all involved, this is not an acceptable manner for medical professionals to act. Solutions to these issues include an increase in communication, teamwork, and patient protection protocol.

Duty Officer

  • Daniel Bay
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