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Remove the "How long" Question in Alien whitelists.


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Basically, as someone who deals with Whitelisting quite a lot, I've realised that since our acceptance is mostly based on their behaviour and not endorsements. I have come across many people who think that that question is important and that leads them to lie on the app. I mean that grinds my gears enough. But it got my thinking, why is it even there? Like it's not needed.

How long a player has been on the server has nothing to do with their acceptance or denial except for the fact that the longer you play the more feedback.

So my suggestion is to just remove the "How long have you been playing on Aurora" all together for the ALIEN WHITELISTS. not the head ones, I can see how it might be important on the head ones.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I agree with this idea. I never really took that part of the application into consideration anyway; it has the subtle undertone that newbies get it harder than established players.

Question removed from alien whitelist app format.

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