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SS13 and what it is to me.


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So I have only been playing SS13 for about a month, now. Only really played here and on Paradise. Paradise was good in that it gave me a degree of perspective on the game's community and a point of reference for comparison.

The concept of the game is really interesting and fun - Crew a space station, do neat spacey-things - try not to die. Working together, in our respective departments, to maintain/improve the station, research new and exciting sciences, uphold the Law, etc.. I really enjoy this idea.

I tend to play Shaft Miner (nobody works the shaft, like Gerhardt! *cough*) or work in Supply. I'm not really familiar with the proper operations of Cargo, but I can be a good set of hands for hauling stuff and I don't mind the work. I'd like to start to learn QM more. I feel like having a QM who spends half their time at the mining outpost, managing the smelter and getting shipments ready for CentCom or various departments around the station, would be a much more pro-active QM, than one that sits at the Cargo desk while their Tech Goon it up, waiting for something to do. The Techs can always radio the QM if something important comes up... then it is a quick jump across on the shuttle and BAM! Issue dealt with! There's still managing the Supply Department and Ordering, that they'll need to do, but I do not view the time spent managing the smelter to be too much of an interference with the rest of their duties.

And there's the rub.... I don't know why, but I really don't mind the "work" of my jobs, in game. I actually quite enjoy mining and getting resources over to R&D (regardless of whether they make me fancy toys.... Honestly, this is about as meta-play as I get, as I tend to hunt down a loot-room, once I have the Drilling Rigs set up and a few minutes to kill. It takes the pressure off R&D to rush a Ripley or Drill and I kind of like the hunt) I really grinds my gears when folks just Goon, all round. I hopped on the other day and half the station was without power (I had to crowbar out of arrivals) only to find that most of the station is at some party. Though, the CE was also, apparently, not on station and out in space... so w/e, I guess.. But that's just it.. Why would the crew throw a party when the station is in obvious need of maintenance? If you just want to Goon, then please don't join as a job. Join as Greytide and be honest with yourself.

I'm about to get a bit heavy, here, so prepare yourself..

I deal with, on a daily basis, a crippling depression brought on by years of generally "not getting it". Not a day goes by that I don't contemplate harming myself and I am finding fewer and fewer reasons to stop myself from doing so. There are many contributing factors to this (depression is rarely ever just one thing, especially a 2-decade old depression), but this is relevant to the post; I have an absolutely horrible time holding down employment; I have had over 50 jobs in 14 years. Most (95%) I walk out of because I just cannot handle /people/. You're there to do a job. The job exists for a reason and you are being rewarded for it. Not to harass co-workers or share tales of your most recent sexual conquest. You're not paid to fuck around. Then I see these jerk-offs getting away with their shitty behaviour, neglecting their duties and generally wasting time, while I get crapped on by management for the smallest mistake, which becomes magnified as my co-workers have something to focus on. I quickly started to view SS13 as a means of training myself to deal with these issues, but I find I am not having any luck with this endeavour. My spacing myself yesterday (I made a post about this, which is archived, now) was a testament to that. Just as if I had walked out of another job, because I simply couldn't handle the behaviour of others while they are supposed to be working. Which ultimately boils down to my inability to handle myself. Self-loathing is a wondrous and magical creature, isn't it?

Yeah, "it's a game, fuckin' chill out, Malarks!" But at the same time, I keep hearing people commenting about "M-muh immushun!" and how things are RP driven... Well... /You/ may not be getting paid to be on station and doing the job you joined as, but your character is! I dunno, chew on that..

So maybe SS13 isn't a good thing for me to be spending my time doing. Maybe I am taking it too seriously. I like the game and I like playing as a miner or in Cargo... But if I cannot get over my own issues of being unable to work along side folks not taking their job seriously, then maybe this isn't the game for me. Maybe discussing this will help me grow, as a human being and a player.

No, I'm not quitting or saying make my ban permanent... Mostly just... "This is how I view the game" and am curious as to how folks will react.

I have had some /amazing/ experiences playing on Aurora and it is a shame there are just 2 or 3 rounds that stand out as bothersome.

Eh... anywho... That's me. Yup.

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Okay, everything I say here is genuine and not sarcastic. This is my advice since I think the rest of the responses might be sympathetic hugs anyway.

You should download the SS13 source code, run it, and play it alone or with people who share the same view and purpose on playing as you. I'm serious. In fact, there should literally be a server be "Workplace Similator 2457", that runs on extended full of serious and hard working individuals such as yourself. Aurora rarely loses power or hosts parties, and is a very tame server (even during most antag rounds) so you can't compare it to goon.

Also, never ever, ever import your social or mental health issues that deeply into a game (well, at least a public server) or roleplay, it's not good for you, and it's not good for the other players.

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I'll look in to this Workplace server. Thank you. I hadn't heard of it.

I have been farting around w/ a modified /TG/ Ministation codebase, making my own little map that is designed to be a "mining outpost" where the staff builds a station in the asteroid. The "Fun" would come from what they encounter in the asteroid... *shrugs* Link to the GitHub page is in my sig. I do have a couple friends who play. Maybe if I ever get this map finished..

I know Aurora is a generally tame and well behaved server... But there /have/ been rounds with folks just fucking off, like yesterday's "power outage party" and another round where Cargo spent the round playing Laser Tag. I've messaged HoP's and Sec about players who shirk their duties in such spectacular ways. So while I do not intend to, outright, call the server "Goon", it has certainly applied to a few players, in the occasional round.

Yeah... You raise a valid point, with regards to my importing my own issues in to how I approach the game. You're right that it isn't fair to subject others to my bullshit, like that. Heck, that's why I spend all of my time in my apartment and only go outside if I absolutely have to. So do I do my normal thing and crawl back under my rock, or do I... Fuckit... I've not changed over this many years, it wont change in the next few days and playing a video game wont change anything, either...

Think I'll just uninstall BYOND, entirely. Avoid the temptation and potential damage to myself and others.

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I know Aurora is a generally tame and well behaved server... But there /have/ been rounds with folks just fucking off, like yesterday's "power outage party" and another round where Cargo spent the round playing Laser Tag. I've messaged HoP's and Sec about players who shirk their duties in such spectacular ways. So while I do not intend to, outright, call the server "Goon", it has certainly applied to a few players, in the occasional round.

It's almost as if, *gasp*, /they're playing a video game to have fun/!

If this occurred every round, I'd see a problem. Hell, I can even somewhat agree with you on liking people being optimal, as I'm a person who plays Warden to ensure the job's done semi-competently. But forcing people into half-AFK deskwork for all of a 2-3 hour round, with no chances for break-away moments to socialize and have fun? If people wanted to work, work, work all day and night, then it'd stop being a game and would just become a chore. A job without any reward.

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It's one thing to take a break, mid shift. Gonna have to do it to eat, at the very least. Heck, I even took breaks while mining (usually stuffing myself in the lavatory on the mining station for IC RP reasons, etc) But what I mentioned above doesn't quite fall under that criteria, it is an outright neglect of one's duties. If you don't /want/ to deal with the monotonous and boring jobs, then why even hop on as one? Why consume that slot when there may be someone who gives a shit, wanting to do it? Like I said, if you want to greytide, then hop on as one and be honest with yourself. As much as my wanting to do my job is disruptive to their fun, them taking a job slot that could be better filled, is ruining the fun for others, as well.

And yeah, I get the game is supposed to be a game and fun and we all have our own definitions of what constitutes fun.. Regardless, it is becoming obvious that I don't fit in with the way this server is played. Maybe I just don't comprehend the true spirit of the game. Maybe I should have tried to play roles with more responsibility. I had been getting excited to work as a QM and be all helpful and stuff... Now... Like the rest of life.. "Why bother?"

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Well, generally speaking. I see your point. I like doing work ingame as a team, RPing an actual workplace, it's part of RP. I want a full supply rooster with communicative and efficient members one day. I might join as QM when I see you on.

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Conversation with a friend, earlier today. I changed his name and that's all that was edited.

Dude: So I loaded up SS13... and there's this Security Cadet starting shit, being a prick

Dude: I just happened to be in the area with all the outfits when some other security agent brings him in handcuffed... he's swearing at her, saying he's going to kill her and shit... so I stick around and watch

Malarks: Aurora or Para?

Dude: Apparently he was demoted, and about to be hauled off to the brig, but she stopped by to strip him and force him into a schoolgirl's outfit

Dude: Aurora

After this, I make a comment along the lines of "this is exactly what I am talking about" and we proceed to talk about other stuff.

Yeah, /nobody/ goons around on Aurora... >_>

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My initial intention had been to simply let folks know how I view the game and get a bit of feedback on it.

I received a ban the other day, for which I posted in the appeals and it was archived and locked. I was alright with the ban, as I had broken a couple rules (spaced myself and did not reply to the admin when questioned about it. Not an unreasonable punishment) This got me to thinking about the game and how I approach it and why I got so upset that I did what I did.


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I know Aurora is a generally tame and well behaved server... But there /have/ been rounds with folks just fucking off, like yesterday's "power outage party" .

Hi! Captain that initiated the 'Power Outage Party' , the party was started prior to the power outage, and had been spurred on by a player in OOC saying the Heads should host a party, and it was also deadhour, so I'm setting up the party, call everyone down, when suddenly I'm notified our engineer working on the engine has been jettisoned into deep space, but is making their way back. Nobody else onboard is able to do anything about this, or setup the engines or solars, so there was no logical reason to call off a party that could start RP, to all return to our departments and do nothing. If you'd like my 70 year old Captain to put on a space suit, and throw themselves into space after the immortal dionae engineer, no sorry. The staff party was also cleared with Central Command.

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What about the QM? He had access to EVA suits? What about the RD? He was already out on the asteroid in a mining Hardsuit. Again, why was the RD out mining and not the QM? Why didn't you send at least /one/ person to go find him? Both the RD and QM were not at the party. You say you kept the party going for potential RP... but I say you missed out on some pretty key RP.. Like being the Captain and making sure your station is running or rescuing crew that have been jettisoned in to space. Did you notify CentCom of the power-outage and the missing Engineer? Did they still okay the party, despite the state of the station?

Having a party is fine and all... But there's still responsibilities at play. Kudos for trying to inspire RP, but I feel like like you dropped the ball, in terms of your Captain status and the responsibilities involved. I'd have had no problem with the party, had things been being taken care of, which it really did not seem like it was the case.

Am I wrong, here? Are these unreasonable expectations?

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They are slightly reasonable expectations. The RD was mining because they requested to do so and I'm not one to refuse such requests, and the QM has the responsibility of actually standing in Cargo to take orders.

We didn't send anyone out to get the engineer because we had communications contact, and they were on their way back safely and in good health.

Notifying CC of a power-outage and missing personnel member after the party had started would just be redundant, they don't handle petty affairs like that.

Remember that everyone RPs different, and that ultimately, RP comes before job responsibilities. Workplace simulator is not everyone's definition of Heavy RP.

Once again, there was no need to take action on the situation because it was getting rectified by itself.

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