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Station Map

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More and more people are coming to Aurora, and over the past few days, Ive seen more than one person ask if theres a map anywhere so they can find everything. As it stands, I think Aurora has a map thats custom from other stations, and we don't have a map, or signs for directions, so I have two possible suggestions.

A. Add a map to our wiki.

B. Add an item to the custom item loadout for 0 points called "Map" that works like the books that spawn on station to show the station.

C/B.2. If at all possible, have a map spawn for anyone before [X] player age, so its impossible to miss the map.

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In addendum

the station map sprite in arrivals is actually currently incorrect as it was never updated for the station redesign

I'm like 95% certain that sprite's been the same since the original incarnation of Boxstation in Baycode.

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