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Earth Defense and Xeno Control Initiative (Xenonauts)

Guest XanderDox

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The United Nations

Office of the Secretary General

Earth Defense and Xeno Control Initiative

'AURORA Divison'


The Story

The United Nations (UN) has created the Earth Defense and Xeno Control Initiative (EDXCI), to ensure that this invasion of Earth does not result in the destruction or enslavement of Humanity. EDXCI has been split into various divisions. The AURORA Division, being the first division within the EDXCI , has been given an old Soviet military compound decomissioned in 1926, to headquarter their operations, named 'Smirnykh' , and given an intial small budget of $1.5 million US dollars . The Director of EDXCI has determined that this is an adequate amount of money to jumpstart AURORA. This amount is expected to increase within the next month if AURORA operations are maintained adequately.

'AURORA' was been appointed a Board of Governors by the UN Security Council to lead operations, as well as given an Advisory Board to ensure the Governors are operating to the best of their knowledge with the latest information the UN can offer. However, the United Nations Security Council has been removed from the decision making process of the EDXCI, to avoid political conflicts. All AURORA actions are overseen by the UN Secretary General appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Earth Defense and Xeno Control Initiative, Ervin Caltraine, who will occasionally provide executive orders to the Board of Governors through the Governors General.

Board of Governors

Governors General - Admiral Yuri of the Soviet Union - Gives the Board's orders to the division forces, does the ground work and directs general military action and acts as AURORA's link to the Commander-in-Chief. (NPC/GM)

Governor of Aerospace Forces - Controls the production, housing and naming of all division aircraft.

Governor of Infantry and Automotive Forces - Is responsible for the hiring, training and housing of all division infantry soldiers, as well as the promotion of Squad Leadership. (Includes ground-vehicles)

Governor of Engineering - Controls the construction of new facilities within bases, and bases themselves on advice from the Foreign Affairs Ambassdor. Also controls the construction of vehicles and equipment on advice from the other governors.

Governor of Xeno Affairs - Controls the research and develop of new technologies for the division that relate to the Xeno threat, they control this on the advice from the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board (NPCs)

Financial Advisory Officer Erin Torrie - Provides budget reports, general cost assessments, and review of expected increase and decreases in income from the UN monthly allowance.

Foreign Affairs Ambassador George Farley - Provides insight on where the UN member's stand on AURORA, and which countries require the most aid.

Military Advisory Officer Markus Andrews - Ensures that the Governor of Aerospace Forces and Governor of Infantry and Automotive Forces are informed on mission success and failures, casualties ratings etc..

Research and Expansion Advisory Officer Dr. Lyra Williams - Gives counsel on what research projects and construction jobs are most advisable and beneficial towards the EDXCI.


I got the idea of like,a group of people making decisions for me while playing a game from a Polysim called 'Rule Britannia' where basically you and others on a forum act a government, and then the owner/GM simulates the universe with statistics and stuff, but this is like, with aliens and an actual game that I can provide screenshots from etc etc!!! First come first serve, any questions may be asked below, or via PM.

YOU MUST HAVE SKYPE TO JOIN THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS. You may join as just a 'Strategist' if you wanna sit in on the skype group.

But yeah, basically, I'll ask the Board via skype group on basically ever major decision for an in-game month, and then report back to them, simulate budget reports and such.

If you wish to have a soldier names after you or your characters, just ask here I guess.

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I am interested in joining. Sign me up. Also, if you wouldn't mind, Could you add in a Soldier named "Ryder Catleay" so my old Security character can live on.


Sounds gud m8. I'll skype you for the other details.

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All Governor positions have been filled now, if you'd just like to be in the skype chat an RP as an assistant strategist, PM me or skype me at Xanderdoxen. If you'd like a solider to be named after you, reply to this thread.

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The United Nations

Office of the Secretary General

Earth Defense and Xeno Control Initiative


The Board of Governors have been tasked with appointing a Governor for a new department, Financial and Human Resources.

Responsibilties include: Delegating department funds, hiring non-military personnel, firing military personnel.

Should the Board fail to appoint one, the first competent one to apply for the position here will be welcomed to the Board.

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