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Unban Request - Wilmungo

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Forum Key: Wilmungo

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning Staff Member: Skull132

Reason of Ban: Griefer

Reason for Appeal: I decided to pick up SS13 again for fun and when I clicked on this server, the message that I had been banned came up. I do not remember why I was banned, nor do I remember the date that I was banned. I cannot recall doing anything to harm this server. If you could figure out why I am banned, that would be much appreciated and if not, please unban me as again, I cannot recall doing anything to warrant a ban. Thank you.

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So, your ckey isn't on our ban list. Which means you are attempting to subvert a previous ban by utilizing a different account, but it's still being ensnared by our systems.

There are three bans by me under the specific reason of, "Griefer." One of them attempted login twice, just a few moments ago, under a different CKey.

So, who are you?

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Actually, no.

Gobledewhatever you want to call yourself, hi. A quick run of the logs, and some number matching found this account as belonging to you. You attempted 4 logins under the CKey of Haymitch, which were blocked. No attempt was made with the CKey Wilmungo.

Meaning: you attempted to actively bypass a ban. Further more, despite being horribly hilarious, you were a general dick and I don't care to have you back. I'll leave the wrapping up here to FFrances and Pumpking, but that's my 3 cents on the matter.

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The reason for my not using Gobledegluck is due to that I forgot the password to the account. As for Haymitch, I recently switched routers from one cable provider to another and as such, I was unbanned from your server. After about half an hour of playing on your server, the ban was re-initiated. I assumed I was banned under Wilmungo as it was my original account and the reason I made Gobledegluck was due to that I was a dick and the account got a bad rap. Anyway, names aside, I would like to rejoin your server if you would have me. It has been a while since I have played and I do think that I have grown up in that time. I would appreciate a second chance. Thank you.

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According to Webster's dictionary, smug means "having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements." By this definition, my retort was not smug as it was not an achievement to get unbanned from an ss13 server, nor is it worthy of pride. Again, I cannot remember what I did to warrant this and you still have not enlightened me. At this point, I truly am curious. Please inform me as to what exactly I did to deserve this and also note that you may or may not require a dictionary in the future. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to proving myself to you as a fair and good player.

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According to Webster's dictionary
and also note that you may or may not require a dictionary in the future.

This is by very definition being smug.

I think that post pretty much seals the deal for me. Skull almost always fills out ban reasons, and if he left yours at the generic one, it likely means that you were a griefer, or messed up in such a way that your ban didn't warrant an explanation, as it was to never be lifted. However, since you can't recall why you were permabanned (which is usually something most people pay attention to), and admit that you were likely banned "due to [being] a dick" - and we don't hand out these bans lightly - given that you've managed to more or less keep up that persona in this appeal, I'm safe to assume that you fucked up majorly at some point in the past.

Perhaps, if you had proven to be more understanding and sensible, we would've been willing to work with you. But given you've done little but act like an asshole in this appeal, I'm given no choice but to deny it.

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