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Player Complaint: DraculaBot

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BYOND Key: SierraKomodo

Player Byond Key: draculabot

Staff involved: TishinaStalker (Provided the ckey)

Reason for complaint: During a secret malf AI round, where the AI was running a gimmick of turning the station into a bakery, Dracula joined in midround as a captain (Simone De La Fontaine). The rest of the crew was going along with the bakery thing and all was for the most part well - RP was happening, the AI was doing its thing. Shortly after arriving, the captain starts ordering the AI to stop doing the bakery thing, orders everyone to stop going along with it and, though I didn't witness the exact events, it appears the captain then metagamed and tried breaching into the AI core and ended up getting himself captured as a hostage. The round started going toward the typical station vs AI, break into the core before the AI calls delta that always occurs when someone tries to go straight for the AI core.

Considering this is a head of staff whitelisted player, playing as the highest ranking head of staff, I feel this is not how a head of staff should be leading a crew and round. The purpose of the head of staff is to further RP for the other players and the round, to make things more fun and interesting, not to play 2 win against the AI core without a single word to anyone about what they're doing (Afaik nothing was said to anyone; I had security channel access during this round).

Approximate Date/Time: During the round between 8 PM and 10 PM PST on July 2nd.

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Can confirm this occurred. Was head of security for the round, I heard something like "I DON'T LIKE THE THING" as was their reasoning for attempting to put a halt to the bakery stuff. I did ask for the AI to state its laws, and it of course didn't show anything ion-like. I dismissed it myself ICly and OOCly, deciding that the AI can do their thing with cheesecake as they please.

Captain then proceeded, to my knowledge, to waltz into the core to attempt to card the AI because 'why not'.

They instead got rekt and taken as hostage by the extremely robust cyborg minions of the AI.

The round then snowballed downhill from there for what could've been an interesting and hilarious malf round.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I was the HoP and had given access to the kitchen to ~1~2 engineers who requested it, to help bake. Given that there wasn't any crisis, and that the rest of the departments were running fine, the AI being quirky about baked goods was seen as fine and didn't worry Command. There was even an announcement made by myself stating that Command wasn't worried yet, so don't mind.

The Captain then bans everyone from the kitchen, and flips out and gets huffy when Houssam tells him that there's the paperwork for the access already stamped and signed, and that he was being very rude in pulling rank.

I later found him prisoner in the AI core when I walked in, curious. The AI let me go after a brief attempt to negotiate his release, and the entire time the captain was screaming "AI IS ROGUE GO GET HELP CALL ERT" which I guess is understandable and I'd be screaming too, but the behaviour all leading up to it is aesthetically one big arc of "AI IS ROGUE" from him. He initiated conflict, the AI didn't.

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The AI was behaving very strangely- And despite the silliness of the round, my character (the captain) was trying to reign in the goofball attitude of the AI and it's cyborgs. In order to do this, I first reset the laws- Nothing worked. I tried to reset the laws again, nothing. I told the AI to focus on the station's directives, it didn't.

I called for other heads of staff to assist me in checking the AI core multiple times- From De Santos to Karen, and none showed. I had to see to the AI, as it was clearly malfunctioning (if the reset didn't work.) and got the shit beaten out of me.

The entire staff was obsessed with baking and fucking around! My character was trying to get the station back on track.

As for my character screaming, in a very indelicate manner as you suggested, it WAS -AFTER- she had been tortured. She was desperate for ANY change in her agony.

My character had her hands chopped off and was left to suffer for over an hour for her mistake.

Furthermore, still not a dude.

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