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IPCs: Assault, or Vandalism?



Basically, Ive seen people inside security argue about whether damaging and killing IPC's warrants the assault and murder charges, or if its all just "vandalism" since they're synthetics. Ive mostly seen head of securities say its just vandalism, and its usually wardens and officers arguing is actual assault and murder.

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It really should depend on the IPC, something I think we should talk to users about altering their records for. As I understand them, not all IPCs are free. Many are still owned by NT while they work to pay off the costs of their shell. These IPCs would be treated as property and get vandalized or sabotaged. IPCs who have paid their debts and work for the company for their own reasons should be able to be considered murdered or assaulted. If they have no indication of their property status in records then they should be assumed to be NT owned still.

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More importantly, what about IPC heads? Is it assault on a Head of Staff or a vandalism/sabotage charge? And what about IPCs with MMIs instead of posibrains? These distinctions really should be made. MMIs /technically/ are still human, even though it's not considered as such as far as game mechanics go.

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