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Radio encryption keys for pAIs

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So, what I'm proposing is to make it so you can insert a radio key into a pAI, allowing it to hear and reply to the departments channel.

*Doesn't actually know how radio keys work at all.*

Or you could just wrap the headset around it.

I've found myself in several situations while being carried that I wished I could reply to someone on the departmental channel but could not due to not having access to the frequency.

This would help pAIs roleplay and also make them more useful, as they can speak onto the channel when the master is unable to, such as informing engineering of a breach's location when the engineer is too busy desperately putting on internals and getting out of the vented area.

Given that this requires you to obtain a departmental headset in the first place, it wouldn't make it much easier for unsavory individuals to access the department's frequency.

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Encryption keys work in that they're inserted into headsets, which give you access to department-specific encrypted networks.

Making it work the same way by allowing for inserting encryption keys into pAI devices and giving them the access to the department-related networks would be nice.

I would be on-board with this. Please make it happen.

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