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Is Genetics allowed to do their job or what?

Guest 1138

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Seriously. A job that entails coming aboard and filing a warrant to be able to breathe without security pitching a fit about is silly.

Can we put it into the NTOQ as well as establish it in a directive or something that geneticists allowed to self-test? I highly doubt that the wave of hulks would return right when this change was made.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The people who fuck with genetics wont be stopped by paperwork. We're punishing actual geneticists. Its in the contracts that they can self test if they think itll be safe.

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The lore team has said yes, the geneticists have signed a waiver as part of their contract and dont need an IG waiver to test on themselves, but to leave research, they need the Directors or Captain's permission if they've modified themselves.

The creator of Directive Four has also said this.

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The people who fuck with genetics wont be stopped by paperwork.

No, but they'll be stopped by security for breaching procedure.

I don't think security should be arresting geneticists on sight simply for bringing powers outside the lab. But I think people who keep powers around the station for a purpose other than field testing should get in trouble.

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The way I'm interpreting it is based off Directive 4. Here's a relevant announcement that I sent out as a Duty Officer earlier today:


It has come to our attention there is some confusion regarding station directive four, and an argument has sprouted between the security department and the research director. While the directive does state that 'all equipment produced by the Science Department, or derivatives there of, are to be kept within the confines of the Department itself', the directive also states:

'Authorization for limited usage and distribution can be gained from the Command Staff.'

This directive does not state whether signed paperwork is required; Verbal authorization and confirmation from the relevant command staff is sufficient. The security department is to immediately review station directives /completely/ and cease harassment of the genetics lab.


Basically, unless command staff say otherwise, the geneticists can self test AS LONG AS the powers are not taken outside of the department (Research/medical). If command staff say no self testing, then no self testing. If command staff say they're allowed to leave the department, they can leave.

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I recall playing my geneticist once, and being one of those researchers who like to be well... surprised by results opposed to knowing every single outcome of RnD, Genetics and Xenobiology because you've seen it all before! I find it necessary from a roleplay perspective for my character, who cares more about his research than anything, for him to embody his test results to get a better understanding. Admittedly it mainly involves, injecting the enzyme, giving the side effects a quick test before writing down the findings and then reverting back to my normal self. But even then, I've had Captain's and CMO's strut into my lab waving that test waiver in my face with convoluted reasons and arguments as to why I should be legally bound to fill out the form for myself before getting threatened to be arrested for made up regulations.

What I'm trying to say, which obviously didn't come out of the anecdote, is that there are some who will have trouble adjusting or simply hate genetics and dismiss any notion of self testing being allowed, so to speed up the adjustment we should update the directives to make it clear as day for these people. Something like 'Self testing is permitted by those who are qualified in that particular field.'

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