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I am looking for a very specific kind of server.


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Hello, my name is Sergal,

I've been in and out of Space Station 13 for 8 years now,

And I'd like to ask for Aurora's help in finding a certain server.

I'd like to start off by saying, I'm very serious in the critera I'm listing, and any help / pointers towards other servers is greatly appreciated.

I am not trying to advertise other servers, simply requesting assistance from a community that has more than likely been around before and certainly during Aurora's time.

Please, if you know any servers that may fit this critera, either PM me or post a reply to this topic. If you would rather message me directly, my Byond name is Sadistic Nightmare.

Now, to start off on the list:

  • Server MUST be Heavy roleplay, but can also fall under Medium-Heavy roleplay.
  • Server MUST have either a free choice in Species selection, or a loose whitelist regarding Species selection. An example of such would be a whitelist that requests a backstory, but does not make things such as time spent on server or public opinion of person requesting whitelist, weigh in on whether or not said whitelist is approved.
  • Server runs Baycode. While not completely necessary, Baycode is what I am used to, and as such am avoiding having to re-learn /tg/code, LLA code, or gooncode (Both recent and older revisions)
  • Server's administration team is unbiased towards members, regardless of public opinion or 'age'. Not necessary (but preferred) as this is an issue I can personally live with.
  • Server MUST have rounds that can span between 2 and 4 hours long. Times between 2 and 6 hours, 4 and 6 hrs, 2 and 8 hrs etc. are just added bonuses to an already moderate server.
  • Server does not constantly host 'Event' rounds, or Single-Antagonist rounds, such as Wizard / Ninja / 'Alien' (Kill Everyone as opposed to egging and spreading). Unnecessary as I know the limitations of finding such a server, but this will really tip the balance.


Any server suggestions, insights, even dropped names in PMs are appreciated immensely, and I appreciate any help put in to finding a server that meets such criteria.

I would like to point out, that I am not dismissing Aurora itself as one of the servers requested in this thread.

Thank you.

I respect any forum staff member's decision to move this topic if they feel it has not been posted in the right place.

I do not respect any forum staff member's decision to lock this topic without reason or without proper explanation of any rules it is breaking.

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Most of those criteria you've listed would be catered by this server. The whitelist system isn't really punishing, you can have people for you if they've enjoyed your roleplay or if you've produced a solid backstory for your character. So with the process not being controlled entirely by a staff member, applying is pretty easy. Most of our rounds are two hours, with eight being the longest I've seen. We also use a modified Baycode so that'll keep you in the know and events are pretty rare. As for single antag rounds, that's simply the nature of the beast when it comes to most of the round types being single antagged and having the player base vote for gamemodes. I mean, I personally recommend this server over the other Heavy roleplay servers.

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Can I be honest?

You seem to be looking for the Holy Grail here.

Well, perhaps not, as there is a possibility that I would consider myself, but it's in the works right now.

However, I can't say Aurora is what you're looking for, honestly.

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

As one user said, I am indeed in a search for the 'holy grail' of RP servers.

As three users suggested, I will be looking into Hypatia. Thank you for your suggestions, and as said before, I appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you Xelnagahunter, XanderDox, and Jakers457. I cannot guarantee I will be going back to Aurora if Hypatia is indeed what I am looking for, however if it is not, I will indeed give Aurora a try.

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