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Talos Principle

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So. I recently got finished with a game called the Talos Principle. And, just in a single sentence: if you enjoy philosophical games, or puzzle games, get it and play it -- it's amazing.

On a slightly lengthier note (I'll try to avoid spoilers), it's a really interesting game. Not only is it a good brain exercise on the count of the puzzles, but the story and setting are rather interesting. A few of the puzzles can require needless and unfounded jumps of logic with the mechanics given (a negative, from a perspective), but they shouldn't be impossible. But, mind you, puzzles aren't the only thing that'll be twisting your head. If you actually pay attention to your surroundings, and the developments going on around you, you'll find find a rather interesting world raising rather interesting questions. And doing a bit more than that, as well.

Welp, that's probably the best you can get out of me, as far as marketing ploys are concerned. It's interesting, and if you like puzzles or games about philosophy, give it a shot.

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