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Aurora Crew, Long Survey


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Following on SierraKomodo's initiative in this thread, I decided to create a longer, much more detailed survey for characters. It has roughly 30 questions, ranging from religion, language, place of residence and opinion of NanoTrasen to silly things such as sexual preferences in other species, syndicate affiliation, and D&D moral alignments.

There should be no superfluous questions, though most questions are optional. Basically, if you want to help give us a detailed portrayal of the station's various characters, head over to the following link and complete the survey:

Survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vWBcXVAlq_TCXbydDqTeq8XgH2YgYb7pLAZsy6CoFuA/viewform?usp=send_form

Responses: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vWBcXVAlq_TCXbydDqTeq8XgH2YgYb7pLAZsy6CoFuA/viewanalytics?usp=form_confirm

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Also there's nothing under education for Ziva's apprenticeship (She didn't go to a school, she had an apprenticeship for her work) x3

Gave you an "other".

And no problem, keep em coming! Better to fix all these now while the survey doesn't have a lot of replies yet.

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Yeah, I don't really care about IPC/borg/Diona age, as they can offset the numbers greatly while being a complete crapshoot and mostly irrelevant themselves. (Like, people will just play these characters with extremely varied ages, and surveying all these ages won't really tell us much.)

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