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B12's Awful RP thread.


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Against this because it promotes passive aggressive shit talking. If you have an issue with someone's RP, tell it to them directly.
If you really believe someone's roleplaying is problematic, there are player complaint forums.

I intended it to be a thread, for minor complaints, or one-time antic/escapade, or for complainers that don't have logs of the incident, or really anything that does not warrant a proper player complaint. Not a thread to insult everyone for their bad roleplay.


"hahah guys their rp is shit and ours is obviously superior"

fuck off


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I'm against this because of the general rule of thumb that comes with administrating a server. Praise - Public, Punish - Private. That thread serves as an excuse to call other players out on what they perceive to be 'bad roleplay', when admins are already really easy to get ahold of to talk to about someone.

Subtlety is how you condone your business as staff, by-and-large it has proved to be the most effective.

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This is a silly idea and I'll never have it setup while I am working in a location.

People don't change by public force and shaming people to change? Where in the world does that actually make a difference? It just secludes people and makes them feel unwanted.

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