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SOP Change - Security Displaying of weapons.


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I choose to suggest a change to the SOP to allow security to display one of their items "visibly" on their vest. Namely the baton as opposed to the taser.


Currently the SOP states that weapons must be hidden. Realistically that would mean the backpack, because if it was on a belt, in a holster or whatnot, it would still be "visible". IC'ly all crew members know we are armed, so whats the point of hiding them and slowing down response to an incident?

Secondly I raise the point that security and police forces in reality openly display weapons, within holsters. Its called deterrent.

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I'll ref the SOP doc I have and still intend to impliment. Eventually. Once I get home on what its policy on this is.

Ideally, a weapon needs to be stowed securely, which slinging a baton through vest webbing is not.

EDIT/ADDITION: to quote the new SOP on chapter 3, paragraph a, section i, first point states,


Weapons worn by security/heads of staff are to be stowed, except during a crisis.


Chapter three is alert levels, paragraph a is concerning Code Green, section i contains regulation applying to Security under the aforementioned conditions.

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