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Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

OC please don't steal



House Admin

"Ban He"

Mod's Watch

"Let Me Check Your Notes"

House Lore

"That's Not Canon"

House Mapper


House Coder

"Coding Stronk"

I doodled this in under 4 minutes

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To the most heinous Doomberg of House Admin,

There have been troubling reports of Greyling restlessness and raids into House Whitelist. A few have even been spotted as far as House Shitcurity and many do not even have a single note! We are doing our absolute best to hold the line, handing out warnings and bans left and right, but we need more men! Just the other day we almost lost one of our own to a welder bomb, another to a harm baton from what we thought was an innocent cadet! Many have succumbed to the sounds of LOL from below, having barely even fired off a bwoink. We are in dire need of more men and of more rules, or we will not be able to survive the coming Grey Tide.

- Faithfully checking notes, checking them twice, finding out who's naughty or nice,

Mod Japak of Castle Ban

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