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Basil Drabardi's Welding Goggles


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BYOND Key:Jennalele

Character name:Basil Drabardi

Item name:Prescription Welding Goggles

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Basil is horribly nearsighted. Welding goggles turn him as blind as a bat, which isn't helpful for Robotics at all. Wearing a welding mask will work short term, but the visor presses up against his frames and skews his vision regardless. When he lived at home within the Consortium, he had a specialized pair made with his prescription worked into the lenses. He plans to retrieve them on his next trip back home. Plus, it's a little bit of sentiment that he'd like to keep with him to remind him of home.

Item function(s):Welding goggles + prescription glasses rolled into one. Maybe they could tint the screen reddish.

Item description:A pair of goggles, made for welding. They look like they have been custom-fitted.

Item appearance:They'll probably look kind of like superior welding goggles, but they would have a red tint, not a green one. Maybe the frames could be brown instead of grey.

Additional comments: Seeing as Basil works as both a counselor and a roboticist, it may be necessary to restrict this to when he's actually being a roboticist. He wouldn't bring them around if he plans to sit in the chapel and talk to people.

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