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Staff Complaint: Garnascus

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BYOND Key: Contextual

Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus

Reason for complaint: Disregarded an adminhelp about poor (read:ridiculous) roleplay by a command member, disregarding the fact that they were rolling about in flamethrower fuel intentionally lighting themselves on fire and joking about being the human torch in character by saying it's okay, because mechanically the fuel doesn't do much damage.

Evidence/logs/etc: Unfortunately my game crashed shortly after the exchange, but the exchange was at ~10:20 Central time 8/17/2015.

Additional remarks: This is directly related to the ban request I have posted on Ffrances, the command player in question.

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It wasnt handled the best by me yes, at the time however i was scrolling through logs and VV trying to find the original person spreading fuel around, i reasoned that since its not able to do damage then its IC appearance must be close to that of a lighter flame or some sparking, as such i felt he was just making some jokes about it. I do however agree it might not be the kind of conduct we expect of a CMO and i should have PMed them about it.

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