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Engineer LaForge's (slimey) Skrell Application

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BYOND Key: Engineer LaForge

Character Name: Joel Reeves

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Light blue. I haven't quite figured out the RGB yet but it will be pretty stereotypical.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: . I've always thought that Skrell have a very interesting personality and history. I love playing science and medical based characters and Skrell have a very strong science background and persuasion. I appreciate the logical personality of the Skrell. When I play characters that are tougher or bold I enter fights without question. I want to work on playing more calm and controlled characters. Joel, for exampled, is one of my more controlled character. I want to play a Skrell to better my RP with more character types. Also, I want to have fun and try new things.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Many different things:

-Hardened gums vs. teeth

-Skrell can't eat meat due to their inability to digest it

-Skrell emit a slime like substance that is poisonous to digest (causes nausea and other minor symptoms). This is in contrast to a human receiving an adrenaline boost when frightened

-Skrell are very logical, as where most humans are more impulsive

-Skrell can breathe underwater

-Water themed racism/specism!

-Webbed fingers and toes

-Reproduction chicken style with external fertilization

-Inability to pronounce some sounds in Common

-Expression more vocal than physical

-Absorbing food through their skin. Ew.

Much more!

Character Name: Quenneck Qullarkt-Tup (name pending)

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Quenneck was hatched to an upper middle-class pair of Jarsian merchants. His father and mother both traded around the Universe. One of the many advantages to this was learning the language of Tradeban. Growing up with many other races and cultures intrigued Quenneck from an early age. He loved to explore the minds of different races through socialization. Many hours were spent researching the neurological and emotional functions of one's brain. Quenneck began to think of himself as an artist; he created testing brain games and questions that would engage the answerer. Quenneck soon advanced in his art form during his youth and focused more on question. The questions he created would tell you something about your unconscious thoughts and wants based upon your answer. Of course, he was young and mostly did so to entertain him.

When Quenneck was 28 he received his Medical Doctorate, specializing in brain surgeries and medicine. At age 32 Quenneck received his Phy.D. In the future, Quenneck hopes to achieve an A.D. for his studies into the intellect. Quenneck has achieved much more sense his years making up silly questions. After becoming a brain surgeon and receiving his Phy.D., he has begun his own experimentation. Even though Quenneck lacks adequate funding for his studies, he now practices reworking synthetic brains (to make the subject use a greater percentage of their brain, or fix birth disabilities without altering genetics, or etc.). He always thinks he's on the cusp of something amazing regardless of whether or not he actually is.

Quenneck came to the NSS Aurora for a sense of adventure. He is and always has been considered a nerd. He hopes to see and meet new people and gain more experience than his required residency. He believes the experience the station provides him might win him a university backer.

What do you like about this character? My favorite thing about this character is his curiosity. He has a quiet sense of adventure and I personally cannot wait to play that out. Quenneck is curious about the people and species he works with, in specific why they think and act the way they do. Quenneck is not soon to fight, and will do his best not to in any situation. He would only enter into battles of wit and reaction (and only when he is sure he can win!).

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’ve role-played on various different SS13 servers for two to three years. In addition, I’ve GM and play GURPS fir the past four to three years. I’d say that I’m at least half decent.

Notes: Do Skrell care at all for intimate relationships? I understand that they see reproduction as a utilitarian purpose more than anything.

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Firstly, LaForge's RP as Joel Reeves has impressed me greatly. Joel's as cool, calm, and collected as is possible in nearly all situations in which his life is not threatened. He seems to think clearly, make conscious decisions, and rarely lets his impulses get the better of him. For all of these reasons, I believe LaForge can RP the mentality of a Skrell quite well.

Now that I've got that out of the way, here's a bit of feedback.

The name. Quenneck Quark. I hope you take it as a compliment when I say that you can do better. Quenneck is, in my opinion, original and helps solidify the character as something foreign. Something different. Something not human. On the reverse end, we have Quark. This surname feels brusque and underdeveloped. It's also a bit too close to the word "quack" for my taste. I'll be honest, I think the name would flow better if it was slightly different or more complex. One theme in Skrell lore is the addition of the name "Tup" to Skrell and Diona alike. "Quark-Tup". Take it or leave it, I love the sound of it. You're more than welcome to do whatever you wish with your own character's name, but I just feel like more could be done with "Quark."

Next, the Shkrell Shlurr. I've shween it dwuan in mahyneey waysh, but I feel like I should mention something. Skrell do have difficulty with pronunciation, but they can train themselves to speak clearly. I recall a Skrell captain who had done such a thing, and I believe any Skrell could lose their ahcshent if they put forth the effort. You don't /need/ to have the accent if you believe your character could have trained out of it. Seeing as how Quenneck's parents were traders and that he himself seems to enjoy picking the brains of others, my guess is that he would have spoken quite a bit and taught himself a proper common dialect. Again, you can do whatever it is you want with the character. I'd just like you to know that your options are open.


Do Skrell care at all for intimate relationships? I understand that they see reproduction as a utilitarian purpose more than anything.

Skrell feel their own range of emotions. Along with that, they are more than capable of forming intimate friendships and caring for others deeply. If you're asking about carnal relations, I don't see many promiscuous Skrell. I can believe that Skrell may choose to couple-up out of appreciation for each other and possibly to signify themselves as a pair, but they wouldn't be running off to maintenance closets.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I won't pretend to be a master of lore, but I do like talking about character ideas and the like. Also do let me know what you think of my earlier feedback.

With all of that said, I believe LaForge can RP the Skrell state of mind well and I look forward to seeing another excellent Skrell character on the station. This application has my full support. +1.

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Thank you Schuba, Loow, and Dreamix for replying!

I'd quote everyone and make direct answers to the quote, you see... But I'm horribly lazy.

The Name: Quark will be changed.

The Slurring: I don't intend to make my Shkrell shlur, do to the fact that you mentioned. Unless, however, the lore dudes tell me I need to.

Again, thank you so much for the feedback! I can't wait to see you guys as Joel or Quenneck.


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