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[Resolved] Ban Request: TechnoKat

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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Accused Players Byond Key: TechnoKat

Time of Act: 11:09 PM

Reason for Ban: Techno ganked me during a traitor round as a dective traitor while he is SUPPOSED to be on thin ice after having his antag banned lifted not to long ago.

Evidence: Sadly the log system escaped me as to how to use it, but Garn said he watched it happen, so he should be able to say this happened. I was a traitor during an auto traitor round, and I used an agent ID and voice changer to say something over the radio, saying Katelyn and Victor, two of the other traitors, had been naughty. Seconds later, Victor bursted intot he bathroom stall I was using with a combat shotgun, and shot me three times, without saying a single word. I ahelped and Garn responded, and I thought that was it. Garn later told me he ruled it was an IC issue after doing an investigation. I completely and utterly disagree with what Garn decided, and Ill be making a staff complaint about Garn later as well, because this was very clearly gank, and Techno is supposed to be on very thin ice considering the numerous amount of complaint they had before they were finally punished.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The very moment of death doesn't need to have a big melodramatic villain speech if there was already momentum to it. I wasn't present during this situation, but what I can see, weren't you already enjoying the roleplaying experience with his illicit activities? Add in the fact he told medical where your body was (leaving a body in a visible location or with clues leading to it is also being a good sport imo) I don't see how a ban is required.

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I had no RP from his illicit activities The only RP I got was from Katelyn, the other antag that round, and even that was minimal because they were more enthralled with what they were doing during the round, understandably. The ONLY time I saw Techno at all that round was when Katelyn threw him a captain's ID one hour earlier, and when he shot me without saying anything. No words no exchanged, no RP was given, and on Garn's staff complaint, it was determined that my death served no purpose other than gank.


Alright. Will be lifting this shortly, considering what Ryfer's said. Consider yourself on probation.


And here's what was said on Kat's unban appeal approved four days ago. He ganked, while he is supposed to be on probation.

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it was determined that my death served no purpose other than gank.

Keep in mind a single person posting a tentative statement is different from a definitive and uncontested judgement.

As much as I agree Techno was capable of doing more with your character than killing them the way he did, whether that makes it a "gank" or not remains to be established (it definitely served his antag a purpose, and didn't come entirely out of the blue).

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It served no purpose whatsoever, since Techno turned around and immediately gave medical all the means to make me a threat again as soon as they killed me the first time.

I didn't know the rule on CMD had a precise "30-minute period", I was always told it applied to everything that happened during the shift, or at the very minimum antagonist actions.

Wouldn't it be safe to assume he killed you to shut your character up?

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Thats what he told Garn, but he made that completely invalid by telling medical exactly where to find my body. And he put himself in even MORE danger than I could he, because he told medical my exact location, the location of my dead body, and no one else on the entire station knew where it was.

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Well, the situation as I see it is that you and Techno's characters had some sort of antag feud going on, then Techno decided to assassinate your character for badmouthing/selling his off.

Keep in mind the initial definition of a gank was the "immediate killing of a random person by an antagonist just to commit a random evil act", and that definition was never officially expanded beyond that. From the info given here, it seems that Techno had a legitimate reason to try to kill your character, though the quality of the execution of said killing would largely hinge on the previous interactions (which I'm assuming do exist if your own antag was able to witness enough of his to try to sell him out over comms - it'd nevertheless be really important to hear more about that).

Lastly, I'll add that if Techno is found to be at fault here, shouldn't this be used as a learning experience rather than a ban request? I'd rather see someone trying to reform themselves over past behavior be met with a modicum of leniency, not by having previous restrictions immediately reapplied at the first mess-up.

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I had zero previous interactions with Techno's character outside of being a bystander as Katelyn gave him an ID and pistol.

And no, I honestly don't think this should be taken as a learning experience, Techno had 6-7 character complaints about their antag and general behaviour before even his last antag ban was given, and me and at least two other non-admins thought a hard ban would have been appropriate rather than just an antag ban back then, I still think his/her/their punishment was to lenient.

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And if he's showing any interest in improving, now's the chance for him to examine his behavior and find ways to improve. Improvement doesn't come in a day.

I do agree that him immediately shooting up your character simply for being a witness to something previous was crap, though. What exactly did you say on the radio?

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I said something among the lines of, as someone called Mother Superior "My oh me oh my, Victor and Kate have been oh so naughty."

And like it was mentioned on page one, Techno is on probation, he only got unbanned because he promised he already changed. If this is what "change" looks like four, now five, days into his probation, I doubt they changed at all.


I understand that every side has to have equal share of fun, I'll keep that as a rule and promise to not attempt ganky/powergamey actions.


Obviously this was gank, and he SOMEHOW knew I was the person on the radio who mentioned his name, even though he never once saw me holding or using my agent ID, or any voice changer or anything resembling a gas mask. So he did both of the thinks he promised above not to do.


The moderator took chance to see my "poor murder" roleplay, drugging and talking to a victim, then killing them in the end of a maintenance stroll and bwoinked me


And heres Techno lying through his teeth directly on his antag ban, I assume, even though there are logs of Techno's gank in the situation.

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A lot of talk about this was made on Garn's staff complaint, since the complaint revolved around what I thought was Garn's poor handling of the situation. Heres some highlights that fit here.


Killing without purpose is still bad. Was any interesting RP given to Jboy? Nope. Walked into a room, died, and then got the usual clone RP maybe. Was any interesting RP given to Technokat? Nope. Walked into a room, killed Jboy for X reason, but X reason was immediately made invalid because he told Medical where to find the body.



It might be i made an error in judgement here... (in the judgement of Techno)



Techno opened the door and started blasting, I had zero time to react, and I was typing to yell whoever open the door to get out because my character was going to use going to the bathroom as their excuse to be in there when I heard the door opening, so I was focused on looking at my keyboard to type rather than whoever opened the door.


He was obviously planning to kill me before I did anything at all, because he would had to go to where ever the shotgun was hidden, go back to where I last was, and then kill me. And he had it ALL ready less than a minute after I said my one and only thing over the radio.


I have taken considerable time to think about this issue and frankly i have arrived at the conclusion i was in error.

this type of behavior is frankly unnacceptable

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jboy's amounts of complaints made me smile, the soup is really salty for this player commonly.

The story as it was, I've been collecting evidence, looking for other traitors and it was all there really. Katelynn's PDA messages, Keener's obvious actions(walking around traitors rather than being in cargo), etc.

The fact that Jboy was an antag, their radio circus was to get my character in trouble whilst ERT and the angry catbeast(Issek) was around, I quickly moved in to stop it. What happened? More salt, Jboy didn't get what they wanted, they complained a bit in LOOC and I just ignored it(because I didn't need trouble that time with staff), but got a bit frustrated and was thinking whether to get medical to clone or just end the players round by hiding the body, I called medical anyways.

All I did was silence, yes, because there was too much heat around, ERT and security everywhere almost, calling medical afterwards to see if there will be some other fun, if ERT would question the person, so I got up to research station and was waiting there(until internet decided to mess about).

I just don't see the point why players should be banned because "i dident git wot i want omg! ban he! unmod he!", I failed so many times, even got ganked many times, but I haven't made hundreds of complaints ruining players "fun" in the server because I didn't get what I wanted.

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But heres the thing, from Garn's complaint about this subject.


techno knows whats expected of antags by now ( or he should, no excuses) and this type of behavior is frankly unnacceptable even if he did get the player cloned quickly. At the very least i should have attempted to communicate the topic in msay with my fellow moderators/admins something all of us almost always do but like i said, i screwed up here.


He admitted he was wrong about not punishing you. And heres another thing.


Jboy's amounts of complaints made me smile, the soup is really salty for this player commonly.

More salt,


"This person made a complaint because I broke the rules, lets call him salty."

Not to mention you, in your own words, had trouble to deciding whether to hide my body to completely remove me from the round, which is, should I remind you, one of the very things that got you antag banned and "on thin ice" and on probation when you got unbanned four days before this happened.

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So you complained first about me killing you, which was "ganky", that I " left" you out of everything, then Dreamix moved on denying that, with me calling over medical to clone you. OH BOY, ANOTHER PROBLEM! HE CALLED MEDICAL TO CLONE ME! THAT'S BAD TOO! VICTOR WANTED TO SILENCE ME, WHY CLONE?!

Now you're saying I should be antag banned because I keep deciding things? Are you supposed to always get everything you want? Go make a suggestion that you should be deciding things over people.

Fucking crazy for a server you don't pay in any way, everything has to be your way, okay! I'll kindly ask the staff to ban me for a month because some person who can't play as an antag despises me so much, would throw in every single reason to ruin "my" experience, juuust because they don't know how to antag.

Oh, you also pushed Garnascus a bit far with his opinions, but what does that have to do with the ban request here? Oh wait, "ur worng the mod agreed wif me ehehehehhee, lok at me, im the vigilantee of hrp, ban ganks".

So, I'd request staff to ban me for whatever period they'd like, to get Jboy's ego balanced and keep him happy, because I won't be on for a month anyways.

I'd also love to see a guide to antagging from Jboy, he's an "expert" on rulebreakers as it looks.

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I think you should be giving a punishment because you're supposed to be on thin ice, because you had SEVERAL complaints about being a ganky, RPless self antag before you were given even a little rudimentary punishment, and then ganked someone four days after, and lied to a mod, saying you had damning enough evidence kill me, when all you had was seeing someone outside of place of work, and one PDA message.

And now here you are throwing personal insults in posts and in your sig, which is supposed to be rule 0, don't be a dick.

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What can't you understand, that all the obvious evidence was already there. Red code, you walk around traitors mainly whilst security and ERT are inbound, red code, as a fucking "cargo tech". Katelynn gets caught, as soon as that happened, I immediately picked up on her PDA, with your fucking traitor code phrase OBVIOUSLY IN IT. Red code, you keep hiding everywhere, using a voice changer, OH HOW METAGAMING, AN OBVIOUS ACTION FROM A CLUELESS ANTAG WHO CAN'T ANTAG EVEN AND IS SAD THAT THEIR PLAN IS RUINED.

Oh PLEASE get me logs or ask an admin when did my other characters(Victor Kaipov, Zar'goth Wathe, Sarah Victoria) ever self antag, rather than Lauren Blade which I agreed with admins long time ago and stopped playing as that character. I TOTALLY NEVER CHANGED MY PLAYSTYLE.

You keep throwing every possible "shitty" reason to get the said players punished, because staff look at everything in a systematic way, and you love to abuse it. Hence Garnascus couldn't share some opinion about me without being cornered that he's "completely wrong" when he is NOT. I will admit, I am breaking rule one, because that is how you're talking to other people without even seeing it.

In all honesty, admit it, you've been always having a grudge against me, couple rounds "accidently" firing change of staff on me. Couple of rounds going "AFK" when medical and someone mentions my characters name, which happened to others QUITE often. My unathi app, you mentioned I'll use lore as a way to gank players and get away with it(bahahahaha). Everywhere almost, you're there to just throw a reason in because "fuck that player lol he cant play".

Also, again, I'm breaking rule 0 just for you, so you can be happy playing how you want. Garnascus had nothing to do between me and you, but you just love to get more melodranatic and feel victimized from a terrible terrible so called "gank".

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It seems to me that you consented to have antagonist action taken against you when you provoked the antagonist. He still ensured you were able to remain in the round.

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It seems to me that you consented to have antagonist action taken against you when you provoked the antagonist. He still ensured you were able to remain in the round.


Yes, ensured for round continuing and moving on to see couple of ERT reactions(mind that), but ERT was more busy looking for Katelynn and did nothing at all really, Issek was arguing how shit they were.

I might add that my kill would've been more creative, but chances were low for that and I did what I could. Keener wasn't part of my target so is the reason for cloning her, Katelynn's bag full of high tech was and some ID/PDA muggery and getting their employment/medical/security records was.

If people are antagging, they should take the consequences.

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The only reason Techno wasn't banned was because Garn didn't get enough information, he said so himself, that he didn't know all he needed, either because he didn't ask enough, and Techno didn't tell them the whole story.

Also, are we just going to ignore that Techno is going out of his way, to break rule 0, and be dick, posting personal insults directly and indirectly all the forum? That should speak volumes about Techno, that this is how he reacts to complaints about, but when he makes an app or ban appeal, hes suddenly the essence of grace and poise?

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Why would I even try explaining to you as a person to a person, when you move out of one topic and always going like "but oh the rp! would anyone think of the rp?! you should be punished and fuck your experience and fun, also i say the same for other people like garnascus!"

Garn got just enough evidence and I've moved further here denying your literal bullshit. BUT PLEASE NOTE, I'M BREAKING YOUR LOVED RULE TO GET MYSELF PUNISHED! OH HOW HUMANE I AM!

I fucking love the staff team and I'm letting them do whatever action they want towards me, so be a permanent ban from the server, because I never go deep and full of shit towards anyone's opinions, Jboy, but I'm saddened I did go deep here and frustrated. I denied your statements, you keep adding the salt over and over with more "reasons" which really have nothing to do with the request.

I despise you as a person, I'll state that, just that it's hard for you to do the same and you try getting people pushed down until they get the most brutal punishment.

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