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Franz Waldmann/Kaiserfuehre Complaint

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BYOND Key: Rusty Sh4ckleford

Player Byond Key: Kaiserfuehre

Reason for complaint: Basically being a chucklefuck. Towards the end of a round, while the staff was dealing with an incident of a flashbang being thrown into a packed shuttle, my character, Janet Bellard, was trying to have a private conversation with Gamegod12's character, Jennifer Hynes. Kaiserfuehre's character, Franz Waldmann, proceeded to interrupt it and generally act in an immersion-breaking fashion, and refusing to go away even when asked over LOOC. Eventually culminated in a fight between Jennifer and Hanz.

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Coming up and whispering things like "stop whispering your being creepy" and then continually pushing his character against mine when he was ICly asked to leave. Was basically trolling, led to GG's character getting mad ICly and throwing a punch.

Felix Solano behavior without any of the redeeming qualities. Hue.

Looking at the logs, that seems to me like a fairly minor offense. We'll keep it in mind, if similar behavior does crop up, but for the time being, I'd basically brush it off as an IC issue (people act like annoying dicks irl too, if it's constant nonstop awful behavior then we'll put a stop to it.)

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