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Retired Uniform/Badge - Ana Issek - SueTheCake


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BYOND Key: SueTheCake

Character name: Ana Issek

Character age: 29


Prior to being instated upon the Aurora's security team Ana served for an extended period of time on a mining colony aboard a deserted rock world called Omicron Eight. They were not as well equipped as more modern NanoTrasen facilities and relied on a lot of older technology as well as federal support for the habitations. While working as a member of colonial security, Ana met her then-husband Naris and the two worked through a slew of cases before he was ultimately killed in the line of duty.

Ana has become much more harsh since then and has a strong sense of justice. Her uniform is no longer the standard but she wears it anyway; her previous rank is embroidered on the shoulder and it is both a symbol of seniority and one of competence. She also prefers the metal badge she was issued instead of the new, cheap plastic holobadges because it is also a marker of her veteran status serving with NanoTrasen.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

As stated previously, they are symbols of seniority and pride. Holobadges have become the standard for most security forces now and are not personal, are cheap and easily reappropriated with the mere swipe of an ID card. Ana has been serving with NanoTrasen security as a forensic specialist for a significant period of time and both the now-retired investigator's uniform as well as the badge show her experience and veteran status in the field.

Item name: Retired Uniform, Faded Badge

Reason for item requested:

You'll notice I left out parts describing the item in question, and this is for good reason. My custom item is, as far as I am aware, still within your codebase because you have branched off of Baystation.



They would technically require no coding or implemenation as they already exist with precoded functionality. The badge is basically the same as a holobadge and the uniform is just a piece of clothing.



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