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Ban Request Kimihoto

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1) Kimihoto

2) Permanent Ban

3) Personnal : skull132

4) Self Grief, no RP

5) I like very played in your server, and i'm RP, i like that !!

Just i had seriously problem off connection and 5min later, i'm ban.

I would like to play again with you for the life of the station.

kind regards

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Okay, if you can explain a bit of the following:

You started punching yourself, walked into the chapel, and punched yourself. I sent you a message inbetween the punching and you logged right after. So, yeah, just explain the punching yourself bit. Actually, what's odd is that after the inital PM, you kept punching yourself, I sent a second PM and then you logged. And there was quite precisely 70 seconds between the two PMs.

So, just explain why you were punching yourself.

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I will go ahead and deny this, since Skull didn't.

Your poor mastery of english and inability to follow directives sadly does not go in your favor. Additionally, the fact that you participated in open grief on the server, then refused to admit to the fact in hopes that we would unban you by thinking we made a mistake was not okay.

Seriously. If you lie to us, we can't help you.

Appeal denied.

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