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Restrict X from Y because Z!


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I feel like this should be said, and it's probably been said before on numerous occasions, but the recent Tajarans v.s. The World thing isn't a new issue.

It's happened before with other races, but this is the worst it's gotten.

Does no one remember the Unathi-led Security Clan of Robustness. Literally beating anyone to death who broke so much as an injunction? Uaekis, and the others?

And a few months ago, the whole IPC-nonsense with heads?

If I recall correctly, I made a post(back when I was on the lore and staff teams) that said which races were restricted from which roles. And yet, that post has been forgotten in lieu of pitchfork grabbing and mobbing on both sides of the argument.


This happened before.

Both sides of the argument have extremes that are dumb.

I did a thing once.

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This happened before.

Both sides of the argument have extremes that are dumb.


It's happened before, it'll happen again. We've always had the claws-in-your-gut Tajarans (that is to say, we've always had some Tajarans who are like this), we will probably always keep having. Much like we'll keep having lesbay, and whatever other stereotype you can muster.

I really have nothing else to say, beyond: think twice before jerking your knee whenever this topic comes up again.

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