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More variety in names

Erik Tiber

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I've noticed that the random names provided in the game are almost entirely European or American (mostly American), and some of them seem a bit out of place on a Heavy RP server (like "Skywalker"). So, I suggest adding a few namesfrom other languages.

I advise including some names from the lists for Arabic, African, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Thai, Korean, Pakistani, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish names.

I have downloaded the source code and can add these to the list myself.

As of now, there are 807 female first names, 725 male last names, a total of 1502 first names (some are unisex), and 620 last names.

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Then again, who does use the random name generator, especially on a heavy RP server?



Making up names is not easy for everyone. Sometimes people have a character in mind, but no name to put to it. Having a generator can help brainstorm names without having to search and search for the perfect one on name sites or the like.

Also, a lot of first-time players use the RNG-- people entering into the game without a huge idea of what to expect or an idea that they'll end up getting attached to their characters they make. I'm pretty sure way back when I was new, that's how I got my main character's name, Amelia Jameson. And I can immediately think of at least three other Amy/Amelias off the top of my head on-station.

I'm for an increase in variety of names. People tend to favor certain names over others, but giving the option to have more options certainly wouldn't hurt anything, and might cut back on some of the samenaming we have.

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