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Piano/organ for chapel and transcribed music for piano


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Hello. I am theiguanaman2. As some of you know, my main character is Walter Keck, the chaplain. And I realized something. Every real life church has a piano and even an organ in there and they play music on there for worship. I wanted to start roleplaying better and maybe starting Sunday services as Keck, but what would make the roleplay better would be a piano or even better with an organ. This organ would only be able to be played by the chaplain, being put behind a door only the chaplain can access. However, one thing I noticed, as well, is that in the library of SS13 transcribed songs that work on the pianos in-game have no religion-related ones to make the chaplain roleplay better. So, my proposition is to have music transcribed for the chapel, as well. Let me know what you think. The feedback is fairly helpful.

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