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What's the Deal?

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So, wait. I posted on a thread saying to 1138 "Weren't you leaving? Again?" and that was edited due to unrelated content.

But, when a player outright insults me and I even report them, nothing happens there? (He changed the quote from my original post to something I felt was insulting and unnecessary.

What's the deal admin team? If this sort of behavior is tolerated and allowed any community that I'm playing, I don't think that this one is the best for me then.

P.S: Put this in Off-Topic since I felt it unnecessary for a complaint to be filed and I don't believe it belongs anywhere else other than here.

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... How is Lady insulting you? She's agreeing with you. I don't understand.


Given Lady's and I's history on how she insults me for my political views (Though out of character, it has nothing to do with the game at all), I felt this as a mocking and sarcastic comment


I apologize, but I feel like you're over analyzing it, man. Just because you guys have had disagreements in the past doesn't mean you two can't share the same thoughts on other things, y'know?

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