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Miko's Sake Bottle

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BYOND Key:Jakers457

Character name:Miko Du'Razhu

Item name:Miko's Sake Bottle.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Miko enjoys bringing his personal brews from his bar to work. The bottle would be one of his selections at Messa's Bounty. Though you may ask, why is he allowed to bring booze onto the station? With that I say, he has 'sponsors' in high places within NT, and advertisement of Messa's Bounty will benefit the share holders of NT.

Item function(s):It contains Sake. Probably the same amount of units as any other bottle I'd presume.

Item description:A stone bottle of Sake with a Blue Moon painted on it.

Item appearance:It'd be a traditional looking black Sake bottle with a Blue Moon on it.

Additional comments:

I made this application before, but seeing how it was denied with no comment despite how it was deemed acceptable under one condition, I'm making it again. This item will also be a 'bartender' only item, so it'd only spawn when I go bartender.

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I personally see no reason why this should be approved. What does this add to the RP of your character beyond "lol got some special booze"?

Plus from a lore point of view, it makes no sense - it would be too easy to hide stuff in it. I mean - look at the US' TSA guidelines, minus actual gear (engineers get to bring approved tools, medics a medkit and a penlight, etc) and you get an idea of what would be allowed. Because unless it was emptied and refilled at each shift, Central would have no idea whether you're bringing sake or drugs or warlock or even liquid explosives or thermite.

An empty, flask-like Messa's Bounty item MIGHT pass - even though it would probably provide very little RP opportunity. Most likely, I'd say that the best Messa's Bounty item Miko could bring is a Messa's Bounty glass set that they could serve people with.

(Also, 'sponsors high within NT' is the worst reason you could ever come up with. Everyone who tries to get shit by for very little reasons pull that. In that regards, I feel it's like the employment status comment - you're only dodging the rules if you're a member of, or married to a member of the Board. And you're not.)

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The 'add to roleplay' point is a redundant one seeing as ERT jackets, custom badges, custom bags and mp3 players don't add much in the ways of roleplay either, nor do custom cyborg skins and custom AI sprites that no one will really ever see.

I suppose bringing a branded bottle of sake might cause upset, but it is a drink that is missing from the bar and is also a drink that's tied into the character's actions outside the station. If I were to humor the 'benefit to roleplay' argument, which I've already said is a redundant one, it's a part of who he is, an artisan in a provider of food, beverages and entertainment, it's what a custom police badge is to an Officer. A badge of honor, perhaps.

Also, with the ability to test chemicals with almost instantaneous results, I'm pretty sure they would atleast test the bottle for he departs from shuttle.

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ERT jackets are visible (and IIRC that's a long time ago and it stopped being accepted). Custom badges are visible. Custom bags are visible. I don't remember a MP3 player being accepted.

And I know that. What I mean is - it's still a bottle of stuff. How do you plan on showcasing it so that it will provide RP?

And I'll give you the chemical part, even if it irks me a bit.

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>bartender only item

>sealed bottle of liquour in a stone flask from the character's own place of business

>how would this be showcased or RPed with


I'd imagine in the same manner any contracted bartender or server with their own approved brand of liquour would shill or otherwise promote their product or establishment.

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I mean, it creates interaction with people, right? He's using it as a tool for RP. As for the security questioning, I don't think Odin sec is strict enough to stop you from taking a drink to work. If we're going off "it's too easy to hide things in", then that's a really weak argument because if they WANT to search the flask, then they just unscrew the cork.

I'll accept this application. It will be moved to the Accepted Items sub. Keep an eye out for devs with questions that might post on this thread.

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This will be in the pull request this saturday.


// Miko Du'Razhu's sake bottle - Jakers457
name = "sake bottle"
desc = "A stone bottle of Sake with a Blue Moon painted on it."
icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miko_sakebottle.dmi'
icon_state = "miko_sakebottle"
isGlass = 0 // Description says stone bottle, not glass

	reagents.add_reagent("sake", 100)

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