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Where do everyone's characters live?


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Another poll thread! This is also an opportunity for characters that are currently homeless to find a home. Submit one form per character.


If you don't know what an area is, ask here, and I will explain it.



Earth- Americas (Continents)

Earth- Eurasia (Continents)

Earth- Africa (Continent)

Earth- Oceania (Australia, Indian ocean islands) (Continent)

Earth- Antarctica (Continent)

Earth- Moon (Moon)

Mars-Olympia (Capital)

Mars- Lowell (Major City)

Mars- Cities (Cities)

Mars- Nomad (Towns/Tribes)

Sol System- Space (Stations/Habitats)


Tau Ceti


Luthien (Planet)

Biesel- Mendell City (Capital)

Biesel- Little Adhomai (City district)

Biesel- Phoenixport (Major City)

Biesel- Kasri (Major City)

Biesel- Other (Everywhere else)

New Gibson (Planet)

Odin- Employee housing (Space Station)

Tau Ceti- Space (Stations/Habitats)


Epsilon Eridani


Akhet- Cevalon (Capital)

Akhet- New Cairo (Major City)

Akhet- Tranthian (Major City)

Akhet- Other (Everywhere else)

Isis- Oran (Capital)

Isis- Rashag (Major City)

Isis- Diamon (Major City)

Isis- Other

Epsilon Eridani-Space (Stations/Habitats)




Elyra- Perspolis (Planet)

Elyra- Medina (Planet)

Elyra- Bursa (Planet)

Elyra- Edirne (Planet)




Sol Alliance- Various (Various)

Jargon Federation- Jargon IV (Planet)

Jargon Federation- Aliose (Planet)

Hegemony- Moghes (Planet)

Hegemony- Ouere (Planet)

Adhomai- Everywhere (Everywhere)

Fringe Factions -Various (Various)


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