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Making cult rounds VERY INTERESTING(for now..)


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Basically, taking a couple of ideas from Doom 3.

Cult rounds are really boring and not many good ones pass through. However, we can fix this. Introducing, Hell version two(aka Nar'sies lair.)

Each cult round there should be an automatically placed rune, teleport rune, leading you to this hellish place for safety, or whatever, also should be breathable tho.

(preferable the third letter for teleport would be hell.)

I'm suggesting to make a map layout, whatever you call it, make it look hell-ish and gory enough to make people spooped. Maybe, just maybe add extra shells when teleported there, for extra constructs.

Also, I'd love another map just like this, but made for telescience to find it, put up a bunch of dead burning bodies there and some blades or whatever, for research.

Any thoughts? Maybe other suggestions?

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Meh. Giving cultists their own secret base won't help. As stated, you'll just make it worse.

The problem with cult is that, unless they go ham with swords, there's nothing you can do about them without getting screamed down as a metagamer. You don't get mild antagonist build up of chasing bad guys, doing bad things. You get gank after gank for conversions until you either have the numbers or strategic positions to take the station, and then you do it. So for most of the station that isn't cult, or their victims, nothing happens for two hours and then everything ramps up to 60 faster than a Tesla.

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