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Player/Character Complaint - Laep "Xavier Fransisco"

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BYOND Key: TrompeOeil

Player Byond Key: Laep

Staff involved: N/A

Reason for complaint: A mixture of griefing, disregard for RP, and general toxic behavior regarding how the shift played out. During the round in question, I and a good chunk of Engineering found themselves to be part of the Rev team, myself being a Rev leader, along with one other. From the very moment the round starter, I managed to get in hushed words to the other leaders that our movement would be peaceful, would not include violence or deaths. With that in mind, we started swaying the masses to our side, converting, etc etc.

Laep, playing Xavier Fransisco an Atmos Tech, who I've had the displeasure of playing with for the past week, was eventually converted, and proceeded to completely and utterly ignore all the motives of our little strike, and lock himself in Atmos to start sabotaging the entire station by attempting to fill it with N20. The flaw in his plan, was him not knowing enough about to Atmos to get it to work, so only the southern side of the station was flooded, and he then proceeded to shout death threats, and basically repeated insults at anyone who cared to hear on the general frequency.

Meanwhile, those of us who were actually trying to get a strike going, peacefully I will stress again, kept getting overshadowed by the fact that rooms were being filled with gas and that Xavier was shouting death threats to the entire station. I bet you he didn't even know why the strike was going on, since as I've mentioned, I've had the displeasure of being in more than one shift with him and I can concur that his attitude is a little more than negligent and uncooperative at times.

Essentially, the entirety of the RPRev round was turned into a giant flame war where those who were still not converted only saw the more immediate danger of the station being put in danger, and not the few of us who were actually trying to make negotiations, RP things out, etc etc. I did AHelp this issue a few times during the round, and never really got a response from the staff, but seeing how he kept up his crudeness and griefing throughout the round, I'm pretty sure they went unanswered.

Approximate Date/Time: 10/27/2015 - Rp Rev Round, roughly from 9PM EST to 11PM EST

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As a note, I have 3-day banned him from the server for saying he will jobban someone for some childish reason, to add to the toxic playing complaint. (his complaint was "he didn't set up the singularity!" when in fact, the singularity was set up all shift (by the player in question, no less), and that because he didn't deliver a powercell to atmospherics.)

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Since the player in question already received a punishment I'll go and ahead and lock and archive this in 24 hours.

However, we will keep an close eye on the player and if this happens again we'll hand out a more severe punishment.


The punishment was for an entirely different incident though, if you're referring to Baka's post

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