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LiLITH's black labcoat

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BYOND Key: lady_of_ravens

Character name: LiLITH

Item name: LiLITH's Black Labcoat

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because she needs to take a lab coat to work anyway, so it might as well be a stylish black one that sets off her oh-so-pale synthetic skin. To LiLITH, looking good (even when splattered with blood or grease from her work) is a tactical decision designed to help in distinguishing herself among her coworkers.

Item function(s): Same as every other type of lab coat, just with a different sprite.

Item description: A sleek black labcoat made from durable synthetics. A tag inside the collar reads "Property of LiLITH" in red block letters.

Item appearance: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a9fb90s7k57d98a/AABPhwyrqOT6TECaCNAloTQpa?dl=0

Additional comments: I play LiLITH almost exclusively in science and medical jobs, so this is an accessory she could almost always use and looks quite a bit better than the normal, boring white.

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Look it up... the coloring has far more to do with tradition and image than safety. If we wanted to be all realistic about it we'd drop lab-coats entirely from medbay much as current hospitals are doing because the sleeves can easily become contaminated and spread MRSA and other pathogens around between patients.

As for chemical spills... anything that actually harms an IPC is probably going to be melting holes in the lab coat, too... white isn't necessary to notice that. It is necessary if you want to bleach the shit out of your clothes (which is, as I understand it, a big part of how the tradition started), but I'm assuming we have a wee bit better fabrics and cleaning agents in 2457.

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I'll be straight with you here, this is mostly an aesthetic thing... most of the roles I play LiLITH in wear white (or light blue, in the case of the surgeon) uniforms under a white lab coat. Not a pretty combination.

That said, however, such a distinctive bit of clothing could make for as much RP as any other little trinket or personal effect people bring to work. It's unusual enough to be a conversation piece, certainly, and should give some aesthetic continuity between the different roles I play her in. I'm also kinda hoping to have people mistake her for someone who isn't a doctor, simply because that could make for interesting RP much the same way that people ICly mistaking her for an organic often does. It could also make for some confusion... but is that really a bad thing? XD

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I mean, generally we want to approve items that mean something to the character in a way that it can be used to tell a story. For example, Jaylor's turtleneck, Rai's fixed labcoat, Lua's chip, etc. As long as it tells us something about the character and will be something that the player can use to make RP, then that's all I ask for. I'm not quite sure a black labcoat tells us anything about Lilith.

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Yeah, I've noticed that most of the approved items are keepsakes with sentimental value. This makes sense, except LiLITH doesn't care about that sort of thing. She values objects for their function, not their history.

The story behind the labcoat is much the same as the story behind LiLITH's choice of an attractive female shell: she's observed that people who look and dress sharply tend to be thought of and, as a result, treated better. It's no more, and no less, than an a tactical choice on the part of an AI who originated as a tactical analysis system.

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