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Delta's Tajaran Application

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Alternatively titled: It's the end. :roll:



BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Character Names: Vira De Santos/Taryk, Talia Varick, Alor Gora'ta'bor, Elias Shaw, Ishale Laurente, Rebecca 'Beckie' De Santos, Cidi, several other characters I tossed into the trash a long time ago and never looked back on.

Species you are applying to play: Tajaran.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Taupe.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Generally speaking, I don't think anyone gives the Aurora lore version of the Tajaran race any credit to their idealistic model. Hissy mrrrrowl Tajarans are a problem across all the servers that have them, not just this one. Gee, maybe if they were played right for a change and had some fuckin' humility about them considering NanoTrasen funded the entire rebellion and freed the general Tajaran populace from their oligarchy, perhaps we'd have less bad times with 'em? Anyway. I think the desire to improve the general standing and outlook on the race is not to beat them, but rather to join them and create a better example for people to look at and say, 'Hey, that guy does some good arr pees, and he makes me have second thoughts about the Tajaran race! Not bad', is what I want. I think it's time for people to step up to the plate and give it their all rather than make a half-assed swing.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They are not furries in space. I think people need to stop engaging and playing off that stereotype, because it's getting old. They're not even space khajiit either. I'd say they'd be played best within the neat mix of 1950s American culture as well as Slavic culture. Gentrification, oligarchial oppression, extreme value for work and the ability to survive. Humility. Perpetual curiosity for all the things the known universe has to offer the naive and inexperienced Tajaran. Compared to the other races, they are young and ill-equipped to take on the galaxy alone. Though they finally broke free of their chains of enslavement to their own 'noble' kin, they still need to bide their time and take in the necessary information and knowledge in order to be able to truly hold any worth in civilization. One step at a time.


Character Name: Fahim Esmael

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Fahim is a Hharar Tajaran male, currently 34. Before the rebellion on Adhomai, his family was composed of numerous strong-backed commoners and males. By the time the rebellion erupted into armed, violent conflict with the imposing government breathing down the scruff of every Hharar's neck, his open family's numbers were reduced from several dozen to around 10 members. The small settlement he inhabited slowly suffered to the oligarchy's iron grip and consistent pillaging for resources and land. Needless to say, his family underwent great hardship and suffering, and Fahim was lucky enough to not be present for a solid majority of the conflict, due to their adolescence at the time.

Fahim spent much of this period being taught skills of survival. How to hunt and cook food, how to survive in hostile conditions, how to fell trees, to create fires, and so on. Eventually, jobs opened up far away from his own settlement, as a high demand popped up for Tajaran willing to mine valuable ore and gemstones.

Given the political state of Adhomai, and the drought of opportunities and security in his settlement, he could not refuse the offer when asked. He parted ways with his family and clan, though not without backlash from those he cared about. He argued with them that striking it rich was not his intent, he only wanted to do more than just survive by the skin of their teeth. He knew he could not provide for several hungry mouths by himself as the elder males of his clan took off to either fight and die as a rebel, or as a sympathizer for the Hadii government.

During his shifts at the mines, Fahim would often see large shipments of food, clothing, water and other tools, batteries and accessories be shipped in. Fahim saw the brand these crates being brought in had held. A large "NT", though given his lack of understanding of either Sol Common or Tau Ceti Basic, he assumed it was just his employer for the mining operation.

He wasn't wrong. A few years would pass, and his mining team would often gossip and trade rumors about the megacorporation known as 'NanoTrasen'. They remarked that the demand for raw, precious metal had skyrocketed with the advent of nanotechnologies and advanced mechanization of almost everything. Fahim's eyes shot upward to the stars, his mind racing of his depictions of these nanomachines technologies and mechanized units. Whatever those were, he could only imagine a very small piece of the real puzzle.

His interest in affiliation with this megacorp skyrocketed. He was well-to-do already, sufficiently set-up to work until he got old and then perhaps to settle down to have a clan of their own as they grow weak from age. But, maybe, perhaps there was a chance where he could thrive. His vision was there, a desire to make his tiny mark in the ever-expanding universe as he knew it. That mark, would be his.

He snapped out of that stupor, and his mining team stared at him for a short while. Fahim stared right back, and asked rather solemnly what it would take to be taken on by NanoTrasen to perform mining operations.

They stared right back, howling with laughter for a few seconds. They thought Fahim was utterly mad. They said, seriously after a few moments, that Fahim's chances to even get a freighter off-world as a Tajaran were rather low, if not outright impossible.

Fahim chose instead to wait out the conflict between the Hadii leadership and the rebellion. As soon as the oligarchy was dissolved and the Republic sprout up in its place, Fahim was able to sign off on a mining contract that would take them in the Romanovich sector.

Finally, a chance to make his mark.

What do you like about this character?

He's unlike all the other Tajaran who are unlike all the other Tajaran. He's competent and able to do his job. He's not special, he's especially special apart from all the other special Taj- I'll stop. He's average. He's simple. His history is unassuming and not really all that outstanding in any regard.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Three point four.


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Although he has been criticised in the past, I believe Delta to be a sound role player and very deserving of this whitelist and I was confused as to how he had not aquired it already.

I look forward to seeing another well played Tajara aboard, one that respects people and follows the lore correctly.

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Yes, please. Would definitely like to see more sheltered tajara. There's not nearly enough, and the few that I've seen were superb. My experiences with them have been by far the best interactions with the tajara species, and I definitely would not mind more, and as someone who's roleplayed closely with Delta on numerous occasions, I can safely give them my vote of confidence.

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