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You should all be jealous

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Alexander Simmons asks, "What doth mine eyes seeith me?"

Alexander Simmons says, "Quoth, it is a fair maiden come to bless mine eyes with thine visage."

Amber Jameson shouts, "Avast, my love!"

Amber Jameson shouts, "I hath come to grace your presence with my divine qualities!"

Amber Jameson does a quick fluttery spin.

Alexander Simmons says, "What a gay display of pride and beauty thou hast granted me."

Amber Jameson yells, "Of course!"

Maurice Hanson asks, "Shakespear?"

Maurice Hanson says, "Whatever it was, it was very well done."

Amber Jameson yells, "Tis!"

Maurice Hanson says, "Good to see people educated in the classics these days"

Alexander Simmons says, "I do believe that mine visage o' tender squid and tenticals be greatest to warm thine heart my tender rose."

Amber Jameson yells, "You could make a woman of fine political position stutter and blush with such dictation as that, Doctor!"

Alexander Simmons bites his thumb at her.

Amber Jameson asks, "You bite your thumb?"

Amber Jameson asks, "Dost thou jeer?"

Amber Jameson asks, "And taunt me in the teeth?"

Alexander Simmons says, "Dost thou bite thine thumb at me? Surely tis jest that I bite mine thumb at you."

Alexander Simmons says, "Skrell have not many teeth to be biting mine thumb at thou."

Amber Jameson shouts, "Why, lucky as thou might be to hideth behind such ramparts as a medical desk when performing an act of such savagery upon a female as chivalrous as I!"

Alexander Simmons says, "Woe is me, thine struggle of living qualities hast warmed my amphibious heart. I must repay mine love to thou, heavenly rose."

Amber Jameson yells, "Put up your dukes, should you wish to prove thine might!"

You roll the scientist's jumpsuit sleeves up

Alexander Simmons says, "Ahah? Shall we settle this as gentlewoman and gentlesquid? I hope so."

Amber Jameson exclaims, "Hah!"

Alexander Simmons raises his fisticuffs.

Amber Jameson asks, "Thou consider thineself strong?"

Amber Jameson asks, "And powerful?"

Alexander Simmons exclaims, "Aye!"

Amber Jameson asks, "And, pray tell, stronger than I?"

Alexander Simmons says, "Aye! Though so am I."

Zoe Shigemitsu asks, "Oi oi are you going to fight?"

Lucian Jackson asks, "I think they are just... acting?"

Amber Jameson does a quick ballerina spin, sashaying her hips like a WYCH GLADIATOR.

Amber Jameson shouts, "Hah!"

Amber Jameson yells, "There is no terror, Simmons, in your threats!"

Amber Jameson shouts, "For I arm'd so strong in honesty in courage, that they pass me as an idle wind!"

Amber Jameson exclaims, "Which I respect /NOT/!"

Alexander Simmons asks, "Oh? Be that so? Then what have thou say of this?"

Alexander Simmons flips his headtails before doing a spin and opening up his labcoat.

Amber Jameson shouts, "The time for talking hath ended! I shall destroy thee!"

Amber Jameson exclaims, "With the extreme strength, one such as mine inhibits!"

Alexander Simmons says, "How about thou run onst thine sword instead."

Amber Jameson gasps bombastically.

Amber Jameson shouts, "Skrellian harlot!"

Amber Jameson has grabbed Alexander Simmons passively!

Amber Jameson has grabbed Alexander Simmons aggressively (now hands)!

Amber Jameson puts Alexander Simmons on the reinforced table.

Alexander Simmons says, "Woe is me."

Amber Jameson shouts, "Woe is thine!"

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