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AFK command


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Ever go up to someone, try to talk with them, and then wait for a response for a while before figuring out they're AFK? Not actually fun.

So my suggestion is to add a command which toggles your AFK status, and a visible tag (probably at the middle or bottom of the square so it doesn't interfere with the HUD) to display this. It'd be best if taking any action resulted in the tag going away... particularly movement, talking, and emoting (I realize it may be impractical to track down every possible action and make it remove AFK status).

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Don't add it to the HuD, add it to the examine bar. The last thing we need is bubbles clogging around every psychologist, librarian, and chaplain.


in heat of moments, nobody really uses examine.

i was validhunted several times whilst afking, shot by antags whilst afking, because "play to win" is usually an option for people.

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In heat of moments, people fail to notice an 8x8 sprite.

If someone wants to ignore something to validhunt, they will do so, and they will succeed in doing so. "But the AFK symbol was obscured by the similarly coloured floor tilings!"


..how is a big red text stating AFK able to be missed?

unless of course talking about unrobust players, who aren't goon natives like most of us are, can't notice sprites(hell, i can notice if carbines quickly toggled to lethal, if its almost low on ammo or not from other players)

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