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Coolbc's Custom App


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b]BYOND Key:[/b]Coolbc2000

Character name:Richard Syion

Item name:Sword Permit, Sworded Cane

Why is your character carrying said item to work?In blowing up a singularity, he was rewarded with a diamond-crested sworded cane. The bomb resulted in saving all of the crew

Item function(s):A normal sworded cane (It can be dulled if it has to be)

Item description:A normal cane with a hidden blade

Item appearance:The same as a normal can with a lock at the end to unseeth it

Additional comments:Richard will not use this item to harm others.

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Not only is this extremely non-sensical ("I blew up a singularity. I am hero. Therefore the company for SOME reason decided to gift me a SWORD" because that's literally how it does not work), but you won't be permitted with weapons on-board even if they are dulled, and therefore means there's no reason for the character to bring this item on-board.

Application denied. If you still want a custom item, then post an app for an item that makes sense to bring to work. Take a look through the archive if you want a better idea on what people have applied for that got accepted.

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