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Sslazhir Yinzr's heirloom unathi mantle


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BYOND Key: Alberyk

Character name: Sslazhir Yinzr

Item name: heirloom unathi mantle

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Because the mantle was give by his grandfather, the leader of his clan, after he defeated his first opponent in a fair unathi duel. Yinzr’s clan is supposed to have a long history of being loyal warriors to the hegemony and believing in the traditional ways of the unathi culture. The mantle itself would be an heirloom from his clan’s history with the Izweski Nation. An honor duel to solve disputes would carry an important meaning, besides that would mark a kind of rite of passage for a male of his clan. And due to being a formal wear, he would like to wear this while being on work. Besides the history behind the duel and the item involves other characters, not only Yinzr himself.


Item function(s): It would be like a suit, going into the exosuit slot. Also, no protection value in game, in code blue and red Yinzr would wear the security armor anyway.

Item description: A withered mantle sewn from threshbeast's hides, the pauldrons that hold it on the shoulders seems to be the remains of some kind of old armor.

Item appearance: It would be a longer unathi hide mantle, but, on the shoulder and on the mantle’s pin there would be instead the remains of the armor, the pauldrons and gorget, used by the hegemony's soldiers before the invention of the breacher suit.


Additional comments:

Some fluff for it;


The entourage stopped near the demarcated place, a small and old arena in the outskirts of the untouched lands, not so far from Skalamar. The unathi ponders how a large circle marked on the dirty and dust would be called a true arena, it would be an important place for him today nevertheless.

The opposite party was already waiting, the opponent was standing before his fellow kinsmen, Chuna Jaraleet was the name. Sslazhir heard from Usara about his vicious and violence ways, however the younger unathi was full confidence and enthusiasm with such event.

Both sides showed the typical formalities to the event, stating their full names followed by the titles and reasons. It would be a battle by the old ways of his people, using their claws and martial prowess as their only weapons. The two males standing at opposites sides of the arena, with their clansmen watching over them. Sslazhir knew that his grandfather had great expectations from him, since the elder was well know for raising proud warriors for the hegemony.

It began with the announcements from the elders of the clans involved. The Yinzr charged against the old soldier, roaring his clan’s warcry from the tops of his lung;

“A warrior’s death!”

The confront between them was short, but tainted with the violence reserved to old traditions of his kin. The younger warrior was hurt by the claws of his opponent several times, but, he was still able to keep the neck protected. The decisive motion was when the Yinzr was able to reach Chuna’s neck, tearing it with his sharp bone claws. The blood tinted the dusty floor of the arena with its red color.

Later while recovering from the wounds and the journey to the countryside of his homeland, Sslazhir was approached by his grandfather with something in hands;

“Sslazhir, you showed yourself to be worthy before our kin and ancestors, even if your choices now can bring many difficulties ahead, you do not disappointed me as one of us. You are ready to carry the mantle of being a fully member of our clan, and you are ready to take my place when I join the ancestors.”

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