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Moltenkore's Moderator Application

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Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: So, situation one. You are a trial mod. Somebody joins with name Obama, bald assistant, 30 years. What would you do?

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): Well first of alll I'd Inquire about their name and if they have read the server rules.

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): I would suggest they re-read the rules and join with a more appropriate name.

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: Alright, second situation. Nuke round. You see a QM equipped with weapons rushing to the nuke ops and killing 3 of them. A nuke op ahelps about the QM. What would you do?

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): That is powergaming, an admin would probably be needed to wind the target if they are continuing their actions. They would first receive a warning or ban depending on the actions that led them to such a feat.

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): I mean they would first receive a warning and then later a ban*

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: On a side note, trials can wind people. The QM says they did it because he got tired of the nuke ops and wanted to end the round.

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): Okay, that would be just cause for a ban as that is a pretty drastic action and poor reason.

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: Alright, last situation. A player ahelps that he was permabrigged for no reason. What would you do?

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): I would investigate to see whether or not there was a reason for the permabrigging and enquire the people responsible if a decent cause wasn't presented.

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: Alright, a final question. If you were a staff member. Would you change something? Would you make something different?

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): Depends on the something

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): If it was something I felt strongly about I would make a suggestion.

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: Yes, something. No matter what. The question is, WOULD you change something if you could.

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): Yes, probably.

Moderator PM to-Moltenkore: Do you have anything in mind?

Player PM from-Moltenkore/(Ira To'ma)(?): I don't have any suggestions currently, no.

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Let's say you got an ahelp where the CMO was upset and typing in all caps that they were ganked in the medical bay by a nuke op.

During investigation, you find the nuke op had the CMO hostage and warned others that if they approached them he will put a hole in the CMO's head. One of his doctor had a pair of chest paddles and was going to kamikaze charge in to take out the nuke op. The nuke ops responded by wordlessly executing the CMO and the doctor in question.

How would you handle this? What steps will you take, and what would you tell the CMO?

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