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Assault Shields


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Rolling assault shields. Like the French used to breach to the hostages.

Orderable from cargo only (not available at round start), it would behave like a cross between a wheelchair and a flipped table - someone could direct it from behind (though they would be massively slowed), and it would block incoming shots and items from the front while allowing them from the back. Of course, since it's still a slab of metal, it has limited blocking potential - and so once it's health is depleted, the blocking effect stops entirely.


(Also I know this might be slightly insensitive, but eh. I think it's a neat idea anyway.)

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Here's what I say. Make them run off batteries, getting shot lowers the charge depending on the damage of the bullet. Should be pushed like how you push crates and the such, no slow down, can be locked down and used as a barrier. Available for security, ERT, and nuke ops.

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I have six major problems with this.

1) it implies that it's an energy shield, and Security, by default, can't obtain energy shields any way but by asking the RD to research a branch denoted 'illegal'.

2) I'm seeing a pattern where 'battery power' is considered as the universal solution to everything that shouldn't last. Ignoring the last point, I'd much rather have a shield that needs to be wrenched into a wire, like an emitter (and so it could hold forever when wrenched down, and charge) than something you'd just change the power cell.

3) It transforms the item from "emergency item needed right here right now, and order three in case even though they're expensive" to "Hey, it's shift start. Let's order that shield tech thing and put it in the armory in case there's some bad guys coming in, and don't forget to stockpile power cells".

4)Hotswapping. You KNOW that there's people who are going to specialize in hotswapping - AKA the art of switching a battery so fast the shield doesn't even have time to go down.

5) Lack of urgency, and too general purpose. Say that security needs urgently to breach a room, but there's significant firepower or even an emitter on the other side. With energy? If they fail, they just pop a power cell back in and try again until the antags run out of firepower. Being made of actual, crumbling matter stifles that.

6)Power cell issues. Unless we make it a proprietary cell that can only be charged in Security weapons charger, we run into two major problems that are inversely proportional: charge versus power cell level. Give it a basic power cell, and science can upgrade it into an everlasting monster with a super-capacity (easily available, 4x the charge) or hyper-capacity (still easy to get but needs mining, 5x the charge). On the flipside, the higher you go in the base cell hierarchy (higher drain rate but higher capacity), you run into the problem where either Research gets absolutely free research out of them, or it becomes a problem to order them because of a prohibitive cost.

That's JUST for the power cell issue. MOVING ON:

Getting pushed like you push crates defeat the purpose because two reasons: one, it removes the 'directionality' of it (which means it would just be a movable wall - in theory, it would block only from one direction - so if you hit it head on, it blocks - but if you gank from the sides, even if the shield is in the way, it's going through). Two, a lot of scenarios involving pushing it like a normal unanchored object means that you'd need to get in the line of fire, which is completely counterproductive.

THEN there's the no slowdown issue. It's an issue for two reasons, as well: one, RP-wise, people can't push a massive slab of steel/machinery that fast and two, it just invites abuse by making storming WAY too easy.

Can be locked down - that might not be necessary but it's an idea. Though not used as a barrier - like a flipped table (you CAN hop flipped tables right?)

Available for security at cargo, yes that's part of he point. ERT being able to carry one or two from Central is also a brilliant idea.

But nukeops? HELL NO. They've already got so much stacked for them, if they want one they'll need to steal one from Security/Cargo/ERT. I mean - they already can come in with heavy armor and good weapons, and NOW you want to give them temporary invincibility? Coupled with the idea of making it a power cell, it just invites antag abuse by making an impenetrable, constantly moving bastion of doom. Doesn't help that IIRC they can get energy shields too.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Why not just use an unwrenched wall girder? It's literally the exact same thing and we don't have to code anything. Considering you can block off your own entry with it, or the enemy can suddenly wrench it away, renders it pretty fair in our combat system. I've had my fair share of girder battles and it was always fucking hilarious when it suddenly got wrenched.

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