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Lawed/Unlawed synth racism


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so I was playing as Akino last night, and I realized inter-synthetic racism is sort of a thing that can be pushed into stuff. Lawed synthetics would have a, sort of, hate towards unlawed synthetics. The 'rogue' lawless IPC outrages on many planets as the backup, Lawed synths would wish unlawed to be stopped from harming organics/crew. I have no idea, I just woke up and needed to put this here for thought.

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I think this is another thing that depends on the synthetic. Some lawed synthetics will resent, fear, envy, or be confused by unlawed synthetics, while others won't care or won't pay them any attention. We have a reasonable number of artificial intelligence characters who play station AI as well as IPC's, so in that complicates the matter as well.

They're Legally crew-members, so the laws of protection and service always apply to them.

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