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Frankie Zitzmann's Tool Belt


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Character name: Frankie Zitzmann (Slot one. I have doubles of this character to easily set up for my second favorite job, Bartender. Obviously, he wouldn't be bringing his tool belt to work if he was working bar, right?)

Item name: Punker's Toolbelt

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's a toolbelt. More importantly, for Frankie, it's a fashionable toolbelt. He's a delinquent and a narcissist fashionista, who obsesses over himself in the mirror, and one of the few people in the universe who remembers the rebel tradition of sticking lots of little pieces of metal and handmade patches sewn on with dental floss onto everything they can manage. ICly, it could be used as a reason to discriminate against him, and I think it really gives off a clear image of his personality at a glance.

Item function(s): Toolbelt. Holds tools. Plus a flask?

Item description: A sturdy, worn out black leather tool belt, held together by handmade, unintelligable black canvas patches, dental floss, and pyramid studs. Has a spot for attaching a flask.

Item appearance: Modify the tool belt sprite to be black, and look a little bit more worn out and dirty. Perhaps add some silver studs/spots for effect?

Additional comments: None! I hope this is acceptable, and I've pushed Frankie enough for it to work!~

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I haven't been on the server since the new year, but I'm back now, and playing the same character. I don't know if I'm going to remain active, but if this is accepted I will make the effort to stick around. Besides, if I decide to vanish again, I can always bump the thread again and let the devs know not to bother.

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