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Passenger Compartment

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That's that. A passenger compartment mech module that allows one or two people to hitch a ride on whatever mech it's installed on (or simply allows SAFE loading of passengers in cargo bay, and so is limited to how much storage space the mech got)

-Security: mount one on a Gygax/Durand and suddenly you got two units to reinforce you.

-Engineering: To get more people somewhere faster.

-Science: Two main things. First, xenoarcheology - sometimes it's fun/useful to work in teams. It allows that (especially since it's now been discovered that Ripleys are fucking useful in xenoarch)


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Yeah, proportions are all skewed in SS13. But I always imagined the Odysseus being the size of a small giant (about ten feet tall, with the sleepers being mounted perpendicular instead of parallel), the Ripley being semitruck-sized. The Gygax I pictured as large as that war machine from Robocop, and the Durand being slightly larger than a Ripley.

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